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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Georgia Courthouses-Richmond County

I love old courthouses and one of the things I’d like to share here at Georgia On My Mind is images of our courthouse buildings. I picked Richmond County quite by random and was surprised to find out the older building was replaced by a newer, contemporary building in the mid-50’s seen here. I understand that the older buildings become a money pit for tax payers, but still……it’s a shame.

The Georgia Legislature directed town commissioners to build a courthouse, jail, and seminary of learning in January 23, 1780. Actual construction waited until after the American Revolution since the town of Augusta was captured by the British. Once construction began, however, the town fathers decided to take over a an already exisiting structure, and in 1784 enlarged it for several purposes including a courthouse and the state legislature since at that time Augusta was Georgia’s capital. “Government House” was the next courthouse that was constructed on Telfair Street, and in 1820, a brick structure with a clock tower became known as the Richmond County Courthouse on Greene Street. Wings were added later and in 1892 the entire structure was remodeled. It has been determined that this image is from 1906.

Notice in the modern version of the courthouse you can see the Signer’s Monument. It was dedicated in 1848, and honors all three Georgia signers of the Declaration of Independence: Button Gwinnett, George Walton, and Lyman Hall.

Walton and Hall are actually buried underneath the monument.

The newer image of the courthouse is courtesy of Edwin Jackson, Carl Vinson Institute of Government, University of Georgia. The older image was also found on the CVIG site as well.

If you visit
this site you can view a few old penny postcards of old Augusta.


Audacity said...

Speaking of which, they're building a new courthouse which should be completed in 20 years (because Richmond County moves slow).

elementaryhistoryteacher said...

I think all Georgia counties move slow. More sure does.....:)

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