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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

New Blogs and Submissions Are Due!

The current Georgia Blog Carnival can be found here. The next edition will post here at my other site, History Is Elementary, this coming Friday.

Submissions must be from a Georgia-based blog OR the post must concern the state of Georgia in some way if the blog is based elsewhere. Submissions can be sent to or use the handy blog carnival submission form.

The submission deadline is Thursday, February 14th, 6:00 p.m.

The following Georgia blogs have been added to the blogroll this week:

Voted Off the Island – the adventures of a Long Island baby boomer living in Atlanta

Torrence Stephens – This is the home of many interesting views including his most recent posting titled The Father of Jim Crow.

Enemy of Entropy – The “about” page at this blog states I’m TechnoMom, the Enemy of Entropy, being purposefully perverse on a screen in front of you.

Beer Pong Is Never a Good Idea – Musings on a different topics from Russell.

The last few additions all involve educational technology. Thanks to to the bloggers here
and here who sent these my way.

Cool Cat Teacher Blog Vicki Davis writes one of the THE blogs in the education sector of the blogosphere especially on the topic of technology in the classroom. I’ve been linked to her for sometime at History Is Elementary. How I forgot to link here I simply do not know….

Why Do You Ask? – the tagline states from asking questions that require an answer to asking questions that require a conversation.

EdTech411 – EdTech information from Kennesaw State University

SEGA Tech – no, not SEGA the game system, but Southeast Georgia Tech, a blog/forum for technical support specialists, technology coordinators, teachers, administrators, and others concerned about the appropriate, effective, and efficient use of technology in Southeast Goergia’s schools, and the nation, for that matter.

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