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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Few Newbies for the Blogroll

Here are a few Georgia blogs I've added to the blogroll:

Secret Agent Mama – per this mother’s tagline she “shoots from the hip” as she wears many different hats including coffee snob, photographer, home schooler, blogger, and lead foot taxi driver. One of her most recent postings deals with her lovely weekend among bloggers at the Blissdom Conference .

Jewelz Sightings - Julie is a homeschooling mom of five and she writes her blog is part of her spiritual journey into the heart of God, whom she calls “Papa”…Recently she wrote The Door is Always Open which begins As I stood at the edge of the threshold, a hush filled the room. What would He think when He saw me standing there? I don’t deserve to be here. Will He see me? Will He wonder why I’ve come? I don’t think I can bear to see the look of disappoiment on His face.

Organicasm – the about page at this site states Organicasm is dedicated to helping everyone live a healthy and organic lifestyle. We believe in products that are developed without use of pesticides, fertilizers, or other unhealthy additives. To help you, the consumer, make sense of all the different environmental and health information on the web, we provide you with only the best tools and resources to be more educated and conscientious individual. Make sure you check out their main page….OrganicCoupons.

Live the Life - Many bloggers end up over time having more than one site….currently I have three! Shell from Shell's Stuff (where she posts her creative endeavors with stamping and card making) also blogs over at Live the Life where the tagline states, “our story in pictures and words”, and that’s exactly what the site covers….her family’s activities. Recently she posted Princess Party x 2....Yikes where she relates an afternoon when her three-year-old had not one but two princess parties to attend. Yikes indeed!

Snapshots of South Georgia – now we all know what a picture blog is by now….I would hope, but this one has a slight twist. Snapshots of South Georgia is authored by Bishop James King, Episcopal leader of the South Georgia Annual Conference. The “about” section of his blog states, “This blog will provide ‘Snapshots of South ‘ as Bishop King and he has his camera in hand, watch out – you just might appear in the next entry of [his] blog!

Several weeks ago I mentioned the next two entries within a Georgia carnival edition and then promptly forgot to add them to the blogroll. I owe these two bloggers a sincere apology, however, I do have a good excuse. My health for the past six months has gotten in the way of many of my regular blogging pursuits, and my mind hasn’t been as sharp as it has been in the past. At any rate I’m finally linking to these two worthy sites…..
Braves Blog – this blog is authored by David O’Brien and is part of the blog family over at the AJC. So if it’s Braves you follow then this blog is for you. David’s most recent post involves Arod and a positive test

Laney Pottery – this is a great pottery site, and I’ve discovered the author and I have three things in common. First of all we both have more than one college degree, second….one of those degrees came from Reinhardt College in Waleska, Georgia. The third thing is that he knows Ron Cooper, also a potter from Canton, Georgia. I was with Mr. Cooper (no relation to my husband’s family) this very past Sunday at the 80th birthday celebration held for my father. It is indeed a small world. Check out Laney Pottery…he has a link there where you can purchase some of his work.

....and that's it for now. If I've missed your email or haven't yet found your site please drop me a line requesting or in some cases "re-requesting" an add to the blogroll for YOUR Georgia blog. You can forward your request to .

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