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Monday, September 21, 2009

Rain, Rain....Go Away!

So far my family has come off easy regarding storm/flood damage. While I'm in the lowest spot in my subdivision my home sits up fairly high. However, the creek that runs along the back of our property is very, very angry. It washed out the dirt around one of our trees and down it came. Luckily it missed the house.

It will be a long night. We have several large trees on the front of the house, and IF they fall....they WILL hit the house.

Still, I have many friends who report they have lost their homes or have severe property damage. They are hurting, and my hearts go out to them.

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RS Biltmore Roofing said...

Almost the same thing happened to our hosue as well. Where we live is the lower end of the street, but our yard also slopes down to the back of the house and ito the river. Wow- it knocked out bridges, trees, it was crazy! Believe it or not, we even saw kids canoeing down our river in the back yard! Thanks for sharing- good to know we weren't alone! :)

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