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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Let's Strip!

No....not like that. I mean....let's go to Atlantic Station and have dinner at Strip, the steak and sushi place.

Sunday night my husband and I took our daughter down to Atlantic Station to eat at Strip. We were actually there on a fact-finding mission to see if it was a place several high school friends of mine would like to visit for a mini-reunion dinner, but hey, no matter the reason it was a nice evening out.

Strip has been open since 2006 and is located in the middle of Atlantic Station close to Regal Cinema. There are three levels and various outdoor patios.

Tom Catherall of Here to Serve Restaurants is the owner/chef.

Their website advises.....“Strip allows diners the option of enjoying a great steak in a super-hip environment.” This is so true. Surroundings are most certainly hip and the steak was fantastic.

My daughter and husband tried the Sushi…..Tuna Rolls…..and commented how good they were. I’ve pictured the dish below.

All of us had the filet mignon topped with béarnaise sauce and crab meat. There was a small side of asparagus with a veal reduction.

We had baked potatos as well and the Cream Brulee we had for dessert was excellent.

Slowly but surely we are working our way through all of the restaurants at Atlantic Station. That's my goal, anyway.....and I think it's a pretty worthy one.


smellyrhinostudio said...

I love strip! It's a little pricey, depending on what you order, but the sushi has been good on both of my visits. I recommend it too even if just for the location!

Rick said...

SUSHI!!!! God's perfect food! You can eat or fish with it! LOL!!

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