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Sunday, May 20, 2012

New Blogs for the Blogroll

Here are four new additions to the blogroll…..all Georgia owned and authored as well as a couple of my own housekeeping details.

Oracle of HOTlanta…..a brand new blog regarding issues of the day dished up by the Oracle along with his predictions.   His first issue is near and dear to my heart since it concerns my little hamlet of Douglasville.    

The Diction of Politics…..political analysis, issues of the day, and as the tag line states in the blog header….."analysis of political word choice denotation versus connotation".     This should be a fun read….

Sarah Way Down South….Sarah explains her blog in just a few words, “Writing, culture, sports, politics, southern life and my life”.   It’s so much more than that…..go see.  

 Motherhood in the Raw…..It seems like the writer and I are on opposite ends of the mom spectrum, but I can sure relate….even though I’m sure we agree it’s the toughest job you will ever love.  Her tagline reads…..”If you were looking for the joys of parenting, you may want to leave this blog.”   She has the most important ingredient motherhood requires…..a sense of humor.

Hopefully these blogs will contribute to the Georgia Blog Carnival as I plan to revive it very, very soon.

Also….it recently came to my attention that the links to obtain an email subscription to Georgia on My Mind had been broken.....folks weren’t receiving updates….and new folks  who wanted to subscribe had no location to enter their email addresses.   Hopefully this has been fixed, and all is well.

Please remember to add Georgia on My Mind to your “likes” on Facebook, too!!!


Adriana Iris La Dulce Vida said...

Looking FWD to the carnival and would love to be added to the roll.

EHT said...

Hi....yes, most certainly I'll add you to the blogroll. :) I will post and send out emails regarding blog carnival details soon!

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