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Friday, April 20, 2007

Georgia Courthouses-Telfair County

I love old courthouses. The structure of the buildings, the surroundings, and even the monuments scattered about interest me. I wonder what types of interesting trials have been heard within the walls. I also become sad when I realize how many of our old courthouses gave way to fire. We are fortunate that some pictures remain of these grand old buildings, and that websites like the Carl Vinson Institute of Goverment maintains many of these pictures on their website.

The Telfair County courthouse seen here is located in McRae, Georgia and was built in 1934.

The image below is the first courthouse in McRae and it was built in 1873. Sadly it burned to the ground in the early 1930s.

The first county seat for Telfair County, however, was located in Jacksonville, Georgia. It is pictured below. The structure is made entirely of wood and was built in 1860.


Vickie said...

If only these walls could talk---I have heard many stories that came from behind those walls----I am from there and am living there again as I returned during my mom's poor health to help with her care---my parents have never lived any where but Telfair County.

They are now in the process of renovating it now. I hope it is done in a tasteful way and as much of the original is kept. There was some beautiful wood and carving---inside

elementaryhistoryteacher said...

Thanks for the comment, Vickie. I learned many things during my research concerning Telfair county and I will be posting about it soon.

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