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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

You Go Hank!

Back in the 70s when burnt orange and avocado green were the “in” colors because Better Homes and Garden magazine said so my mom had this tacky old, old sofa (my parents never threw anything away) covered in scratchy burlap fabric in the brightest burnt orange that could be found. The springs were busted mainly because I spent most of my time bouncing up and down on the seat with my short white go-go boot clad feet.

Since the springs were busted they occaisionally surprised a couch sitter by springing up when least suspected into the soft fleshy expanse of one’s posterior. That sofa tore many pairs of pants, but on the flip side it did provide many hours of bouncing fun.

It was on this sofa I lay on the evening of April 8, 1974. My head was in my mother’s lap and we were all hoping that the media frenzy would soon be over. As Daddy said, “If he’s going to break the record, then let’s get it over with.” We were not disappointed and soon old Hammerin’ Hank was rounding the bases (along with those two college kids that appeared from no where) and good old Hank crossed home plate into permanent recognizability.

What many did not realize was the toll Hanks homerun race had on him and his family. They endured threats before, during, and after all the hoopla. Years later when I was a classmate of Mr. Aaron’s daughter at Woodward Academy I found out how serious it was. Many of my other classmates were at the school during the media frenzy and they remembered Hank’s daughter had security with her on campus. It was said at the time that columnist Lewis Grizzard had even prepared a obit for Aaron….just in case. It was THAT serious.

Think about it…..just because he was breaking a record. Senseless waste of time and those involved in the threats should be ashamed.

Now Mr. Aaron is in the news again….and again the comments being made are senseless. In an article taken from Yahoo Sports it would seem folks are trying to make a controversy where one shouldn’t even exist.

Hammerin’ Hank moved on long ago to other things. He’s been an integral part of the Atlanta business scene with car dealerships and philanthropic contributions to our nation, our state, and the city of Atlanta.

Leave him alone, I say. Why should he be trotted out for a dog and pony show just because his record may be surpassed? Why must he be made to feel obligated to contact Barry Bonds or even appear at a game where Bonds might break the record?

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