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Friday, May 11, 2007

The Georgia Carnival: Edition Nine

Welcome to the ninth edition of the Georgia Carnival. This is the carnival that nearly wasn’t since I experienced major problems this week with ye olde lap top. Please accept my apologies for the late posting.

If you have a website and are interested in hosting an edition of The Georgia Carnival, please let me know via this email address:

Thanks for visiting our worthy participants in this edition and leaving thought provoking comments. Thanks to everyone who helped spread the word about the last edition. As always links to the carnival are much appreciated.

The next edition of the carnival will be found here two weeks from today. Posts can be sent to or use the handy submission form.

This carnival has some regular participants, however, I’m pleased to announce we also have five new participants, one who has returned after a little absence, and one visiting participant.

As always any Georgia blogger is welcome to participate by submitting their own blog post or nominating a post from someone else.

On to the carnival…

Are there good reasons to move on from your church and look elsewhere? From Bill, at Provocative Church we have Shuffling the Deck.

Oh my! Splitcat Chintzibobs from The Ohoopee Letter News has gone camping. Read all about it with his latest submission titled Camping With the Chintzibobs: How Spring Broke The Tent, Part 1.

Need a connection between the Conderate Navy and Steve Spurrier? Jason Kirk over at Brick Cheney writes an interesting piece titled Let It Burn.

Check out the Augusta Observer for news and views of where else? Augusta!

Resident Alien over at Life of a Resident Alien wants to share with us Shopping at Costco the Frugal Way. It that possible?

I’m here to tell you that if you want to get a group of school children to pay absolute attention to you for an entire class period then discuss the Titantic. They get so wrapped up in all the stories about the doomed ocean liner. John over at Grasping For the Wind shares his recent trip to see the Titantic exhibit in his post titled Titantic: The Artifact Exhibition.

Over at No Credit Needed NCN shares Using My Emergency Fund to Buy a Car (How to Buy a $10,000 Car for $7800!). This is quite an interesting blog about personal finance, debt repayment, living on a budget, and personal finance.

Who doesn’t want to discover their own true purpose? Head on over to read a post by Moses over at Three Sticks titled My Ministry-Part 1-Origin.

Ok, so The Richmond Democrat isn’t a Georgia blog…..I included this entry simply because of the subject of the posting……The Richmond Democrat says, “Ladies and Gentlemen, Neil Boortz”. He’s riled up over some comments Uncle Neil made about the terrible events regarding the sorrowful events at Virginia Tech. Boortz riles everyone up at one time or another about something, but if you think he crossed the line in his recent comments about Virginia Tech head on over and discuss it with The Richmond Democrat.

There you have it….many thanks to all the particpants and look for our new participants to be added to the Georgia Blogroll shortly.

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