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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

New Blogroll Additions

The following sites have been added to the blogroll here at Georgia On My Mind:

Here's Your Holiday---Mike-El describes his site as the poorly thought-out and even worsely worded ramblings about whatever happens to be on his mind at the time. You've been warned. I personally think he has some great postings.

Amo---a lovely blog with a little bit of everything expecially her art

My Beautiful Chaos---April contact me after Carnival 15 and said it was nice to locate some fellow Georgia bloggers. She has a great site and recently added a co-blogger, Lani, to her site. regular bloggers on the Atlanta scene already know about Jason’s great site. He blogs about local, state, and national news from a captialist’s point of view.

Satellite TV Guru---The title says it all….now Georgia has their own online expert for those pesky dish problems

Educated and Poor---In her own words Miss Kitty is an adjunct college English professor. She battles ignorance daily at three different Georgia colleges.

Moonshine, A Journal of the Arts---Take a break from all the bloggy madness and head on over and check out all of the great submissions at this online magazine.

Yanked---a Yankee has just moved to Savannah! This is going to be interesting….

Georgia Birding---this is actually a website, but wow, what a great birding resource!

Of Eagles and Dawgs---Tales of life in a house divided by college allegiances

Bumps in the Road---Heg, pronounced as “hedge”, writes about daily absurdities and missteps….yep, you got it…life’s little bumps in the road.

GPB Cover to Cover---GPB as in Georgia Public Broadcasting. I was very excited to locate St.John Flynn’s blog which is basically a blog bookclub.

GPB Midday Music Blog---the blog for Georgia Public Broadcasting’s midday music show

GPB News---updated morning and afternoon with Georgia’s latest news

GPB Georgia Gazette---the blog for the weekly radio show with the same name…

Historical Books---research, history and genealogy books


April Groves said...

Thanks so much for the mention - especially neat to be added at the same time as "Of Eagles and Dawgs" - I never miss that one.

This site has been a wonderful gateway to finding bloggers that closer to home. It has been too much fun!

EHT said...

Thanks April! It's always nice to know your goal is being reached.

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