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Monday, December 17, 2007

Dan Fogelberg: One of My All Time Favorites

During the late 70s when others might have been listening to John Denver or Neil Diamond I was collecting Dan Fogelberg albulms (remember those….they were the shiny, black vinyl disks that made music when you placed them on something called a turn table?). I still have my Fogelberg albulms as as well hundreds of others as well. I just can’t seem to let go of them.

This morning the news of Fogelberg’s passing met my ears and I was instantly sad.

Here's the whole story..... and here is Fogelberg doing what I loved:


Mrs Mecomber said...

I loved Fogelberg songs, too. He had that gentle, yearning voice similar to the James Taylor folk-rock genre.

Sad to learn of his parting.

Freddie Sirmans said...

Wow, what a great Georgia scene. eth: Your Georgia blog is so pretty and interesting. And thank you for your kind words. Keep doing what you are doing. Your good works are noticed and will not be forgotton.

Anonymous said...

I first fell in love with the handsome, sexy Dan Fogelberg holding a feather on his album called Souvenirs at the record store..being 15, a hot-looking musician was a major plus,so I bought the album-purely on his extremely gorgeous face, but when I got the album home and played it, well-I fell in love with his music too!!! He has been my favorite artist since then, over 30 years and I still never get tired of listening to his music (or looking at his photos!) He was such a talented artist and was always true to his music. I am so deeply saddened by his passing, but he will continue being my fav always. Lin

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