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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Lost History: Red Oak Depot

When I was a little girl and before I started to school one of the things I would do each day is follow my mother around. While a nice Mr. Jackson delivered our newspaper each afternoon to a box out at the highway our mail went to a post office box down the road in Red Oak. We received our mail at the same post office box as the business my father worked for. I can’t remember my first address or phone number after I was married, but I still remember PO Box 70 as my mailing address for all of those years.

Anyway we were in downtown Red Oak (if there was such a thing) every day and I often wondered aloud to my mother why Red Oak didn’t have a train depot like the neighboring towns of Fairburn, Palmetto, or even College Park. Of course, mother didn’t know. Over the years I did discover there had been one, but progress had required that it be torn down. How sad….

The above image was found online here, and its one of the closest things I’ve found to an actual photo.


C.E. Walz said...

I ran across your blog tonight, for I've been doing some research on Red Oak, the railroad, and US 29. My grandfather was the postmaster at the Red Oak depot up until the mid 60s. My grandmother had a general store inside the depot too. The depot wasn't torn down, though. It was sold as a restaurant and moved. The last time anyone in Red Oak saw the old depot it was traveling on the back of a flatbed truck...down Highway 29.
C.E. Walz

Clara Carter said...

I am related to the Flynn family who lived in Red Oak in the late 1800's and 1900's. Do you have any info on that family or know where I can find info?
My email is

Linda Carter

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