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Monday, September 8, 2008

New Blogs on the Blogroll!

The following blogs have been added to the Georgia Blogroll here at Georgia on My Mind:

Georgia Library Media Association-the purpose of this site is to provide collaborative communications from school library media specialialists in Georgia. I found the recent article regarding web page images and their formats to be quite interesting.

Jillian, Inc.-the tagline here states “life, laundry, and lip gloss”. Basically what we have here is the daily journey of a wife and mother with a full-time job and house in the suburbs. Jillian says, “Take a Diet Coke and call me in the morning.” I have to agree.

Burning Desire--A Marketing Blog- Laura Folio’s tagline states examining modern marketing and how it sells you everything you never knew you always wanted. A recent post indicates coupons are making a comeback

Atlanta on the Cheap-a great site for freebies, deals and steals if you live on a budget in the metro area. The site is fairly new with more and more content daily. One recent post explains how you can obtain free admission to the High Museum of Art

Meandering Minds-Shhhhhh! Christi and Jarrett are having a baby, and she’s almost here. This is a wonderful blog where Christi has detailed her pregnancy. Her child will one day find it quite intriguing. Christi also includes trips to the lake and pet pictures. I’m looking forward to seeing the wee one grow through blog entries. is a vegan geekgoth editor in Atlanta, Georgia…..she also likes to knit and has a dog that has been recently "fixed".

If you are a Georgia blogger and would like for me to link to you please email me at .

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