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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Why Aren't We Listening?

I'm a great position of trust as an educator, yet my opinion rarely matters or come into play when legislation or policies and procedures are implemented. Though I'm the one in the room with the kids the the policy makers would rather listen to folks who have been out of the classroom for several years or never been in a classroom working with children. I mean really.....I'm just the teacher, I only work 180 days a year, I get my summer off.....what do I know?

Recently I spent ten days in a hospital and witnessed the heavy load nurses have and connected the dots between their working experience and mine. No matter how fast a nurse scurries from one patient to another it is so very easy to berate them, fuss at them when we are upset with the doctor, and feel as if they have ignored us while we lay prone in our hospital bed.

Other professions that are so key to our wellbeing that also suffer from the noone-listens-to-me syndrome is our firefighters and law enforcement individuals.

One area of employment I think has been greatly ignored is the military man. To understand the Iraq mess it seems to me we should be listening more directly the soldiers on the ground, the soldiers that have witnessed things first hand. However, in order to obtain these first hand accounts and opinions you really dig for them or rely on the young men you know. I received this video the other day........a former soldier telling Obama why he favors what the United States has done in Iraq.

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