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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Georgia Blogroll Additions

This week’s additions to the blogroll are all very worthy and interesting reads depending on your personal interests.

Project Logic GA – The tagline at this site states ‘Southern Moderate African American Issues.” From the About page I thought this was interesting….”We believe that African-Americans have been conditioned for too long to think (politically) one way. Why should a person be ostracized because one supports a Republican or conservative? But on the other hand, why does one feel that if he considers himself a Democrat and he votes for a Republican, that it makes him a Republican?” In today’s posting titled T.I., the Barbership Talk, and Appalachia Slyram has an interesting spin on what is needed to help our nations’ youth. I found it very thought provoking and liked how the piece connected the wisdom of our fathers, a member of the rap culture, and the recent report by Diane Sawyer regarding the children of Appalachia.

Fred's Finds n Follies Blog – So, what do you do when you move from Arizona to Georgia? What else? You start a blog. Fred states, “To me, blogging is like writing a letter to myself. Others can read it, but only I know the full story.” How true! Follow Fred as he explores his new Southern home. Welcome to Georgia, Fred!

Jeff Owens: The Real Deal – Many thanks to my husband who let me know about Jeff Owens’ blog. This isn’t just a blog about the Georgia bulldogs…Jeff Owens is a member of the team. His most recent posting is the text from an ESPN interview with Chris Low. There’s nothing like getting the scoop right from the Dawg’s mouth!

North Georgia Street Team – This blog serves as a showcase hub for a group of local artists who sell their handmade items on the Etsy site. I like how they are keeping it homemade and keeping it local! You can take part in their Mardi Gras Challenge and win a prize.

The Beaded Lily – While this blog focuses on jewelry arts and beading you’ll find a little bit of everything as well …plus you can purchase Sarah’s lovely jewelry here.

Smelly Rhino Studio - The blogger at Smelly Rhino Studio is a member of two Etsy teams including the North Georgia Street Team mentioned above, and as her tagline states her blog consists of frequent rants of an artist, writer, and musician in need of a patron! See her Mardi Gras creations here.

While I find a few Georgia blogs on my own it’s a much easier process when the Georgia blogger contacts me directly and requests a link. You can contact me at to request a link.

Please remember the next Georgia blog carnival will post on March 13 here at Georgia on My Mind. You can submit your post to the carnival here . Please remember to keep submissions down to two, and they must be dated within the last 30 days to keep the carnival relevant.


SarahKelley said...

Lisa! Thanks for the introduction and for the add! I appreciate it and your efforts here!

EHT said...

You are very welcome! I enjoy seeing all the different things Georgians write about.

smellyrhinostudio said...

Thanks for adding the North Georgia Etsy Team to the blog! (Team Norga for searching on Etsy) and mine as well. What a wonderful thing to recognize and promote the Great people of Georgia! Regards, Rebecca, smellyrhinostudio

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