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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Georgia Carnival: Edition 53

Welcome to the Georgia Blog Carnival!

The bloggers featured here are all part of the extensive list of bloggers from Georgia I have listed in the right sidebar of this site. Any Georgia blogger can submit a post to the carnival, or a blogger from another state or country can submit a post for inclusion if the topic is Georgia related.

The next carnival will be published here at Georgia on My Mind on Friday, April 10th. Submissions will be due Thursday, April 9th.

If you maintain a Georgia blog and would like to host the carnival at your site e-mail me to set up a date. It’s a great way to put your own personal spin on the carnival.The last edition of carnival can be found here and the carnival archives are found here.

Now on to the carnival:


Over at History Is Elementary I posted The Chicken or the Egg...where I relate an online conversation I had with an administrator regarding laying off teachers and who should come first during when decisions must be made…students or teachers?

Jeff Emanuel at Peach Pundit brings up a good point….When the state is billions of dollars in the hole it Isn't the Best Time to Demand a 333% Pay Raise.

Good Eats

Chow Down Atlanta reviews Swiss Alpine Bakery while Omnivore clues us in about Cafe Lapin.


Marcus Smith goes Treasure Hunting for Sources of Creativity.

Cathy's Grace Notes provides us with A Blessing of Shawls.

Shell over at Shell's Stuff has been creating again and says, “Bind It All.”

Finally, look at these right cute Handbags Fluffy Flowers has been making.

Politics and Opinion

Check out Georgia Legislative Watch where they keep you advised regarding the daily happenings down under the gold dome in Atlanta. Friday’s posting gave a overview of Crossover Day.

Griftdrift over at Drifting Through the Grift provides a good summary as well with Gonzo Lawmakers Day.

Over at Paw Paw Bill he’s wondering about Limbaugh Limbo: How Low Can You Go?

Here and There

Ever wonder what was heard during the year after you were born?? Will Think 4 Wine knows.

Paw Paw Bill provides a recap of his experience in purchasing a little trailer in King of the Road.

Things to Do

Liz Wright presents The Georgia Aquarium: Tanks for the Family Memories written by Jill Martin Wrenn posted at Travelogged.

The Guru gives us a good run-down on screen resolution with 720p vs. 1080p posted at Satellite TV Guru.

Check out Atlanta on the Cheap to discover how you can Let Kids Help the Smithsonian Plan a Museum for Free Passes.

Miss Virtual Reality presents New Technology Predictions For 2009.

Well, that’s it for this edition of the Georgia Carnival.

Please support these fine Georgia bloggers by letting them know you have visited them with a comment. Your continued support with your links and shout-outs at your site helps to alert others to what we Georgia bloggers have to offer.

The next edition of the carnival will be found here at Georgia on My Mind on Friday, April 10th. Posts can be sent to or use the handy submission form. Submissions are due by Thursday, April 9th by 6:00 p.m.

Thanks for your continued support of the Georgia Carnival!

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ACH said...


I found your site through a google search. I am looking for Georgia based blogs that specialize in talking about Georgia's educational issues. If you know of any, I would appreciate a list of them or pointing me in the right direction.

Thank you in advance.

Aquinas Heard


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