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Monday, March 12, 2007

Stuckey's Pecan Roll?

No, No, No No......not Stuckey's pecan roll. It's new additions to the Georgia Blogroll......

This week we have four new additions to the Georgia Blogroll.

Colors of Ink is an interesting site. Johnna, the blog owner, is an artist who shares and sells her art. She writes to make us more aware about the homeless problem and proceeds from some of her art sales goes towards her work as well.

Blog For Democracy is well known among Georgia’s political blogs and will be hosting the Georgia Carnival on March 30th.

Best Practices in Education was started recently by 30plus teacher. No, she’s not 30 years old……she has over 30 years in the classroom…..

Huffenglish is a blog written by Dana, a highschool English teacher. Her site includes issues, ideas and discussion about teaching English.

Well, those are the newbies to the blogroll. You may know some Georgians not on the roll. Encourage them to join in.

If you would like to present the blogroll on your site I can send send you the code. Just email me at Let me know if you want it in list form like you see here or if you want it in a scrolling box like I have it at History Is Elementary.

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