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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

New Blogroll Additions!

Sew Blessed – I love it when I find a friend who has a blog and I was unaware. I discovered Donna had a blog when our kids were online at school. Donna’s son said, “Hey, wanna see my mom’s blog?” to which my daughter said, “Hey, my mom has blogs as well!” Donna posts wonderful pictures of her family, nature prints, and her beautiful quilting projects. I’m “sew blessed” to know her.

The Atlanta Traveler - As a travel writer, Claudine Williams, has written about destinations in the U.S. and abroad. She even spent a month in West Africa and lived with a host family. Join Claudine as she is ready to explore Atlanta telling us what is good and not so hot in the ATL.

Georgia Soul - this site is a supplement to the Georgia Soul web page and is an interactive way to share the wealth of great soul records from Georgia

The Georgia Art Exchange – is a group of real estate professionals aiming to assist artists in Georgia connect and network with other artists, galleries, and collectors. I’ve linked to their monthly newsletter, “Real Georgia,” before within the Georgia Carnival. This is a great resource for anyone involved in creative arts, or if you are like me and simply enjoy knowing where to go to experience the creative arts.

Rowland's Office – All Braves….all the time.

The Greatest Story Ever Told - is written by Jim Morrow, a United Methodist Seminary student, and he ministers to and with the youth at his church. While he does blog on religion he also tries to get some exposure to the South Georgia area as well. He posted heavily during the Waycross fires of 07, which had over 10,000 views across the world. In June, he will be covering the South Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church in Columbus, Georgia.

Over in the blogroll for Georgia friends I’ve added the following:

No Budget Travel – This blog hosts the Travel on a Shoestring Carnivals which highlight budget travel tips and destinations around the U.S. and the world. This is a great place for Georgia bloggers to submit their posts on Georgia hotels, restaurants, museums, churches, hikes, daytrips, parks, whatever! This page will tell you more….Submit by the second Wednesday of each month

Birds and Things has been in the carnival before….it’s written by a blogger who used to live in Georgia and from time to time remembers his time in our great state.

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Less Than a said...

Thanks for adding me to the blogroll! The blog's official name is "Less Than a Shoestring" -- nobudgettravel was simply easier to type in the address line :)

Looking forward to more carnival posts from Georgia bloggers. Greatly appreciate you spreading the word.

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