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Monday, April 20, 2009

Georgia Bloggers: Atlanta

The following list represents the Georgia’s Blogs on the blogroll here at Georgia on My Mind that are based in Atlanta, Georgia or discuss Atlanta on a daily or regular basis:

Live Apartment Fire

A Is For Atlanta

Blue Heart of Dixie

Bombchell-in Atlanta

Braves Journal


Chop n Change

Chow Down Atlanta


Confessions of a Music Addict

Couldn't You Just Di?

Creative Loafing-Fresh Loaf

Dave O'Brien's Braves Blog

Downhome Traces

Drifting Through the Grift

Drive a Faster Car

Duane Moody

Ellie's Dad

Fear of Arthropods

Georgia Tech Sports Blog

Going Through the Motions

Green Peaches

Howell Mill Hell

Inside the Sprawl


Mara Davis

Mash on the Gas


Metroblogging Atlanta

Metro Political Report

Mostly Media

Mostly Muppet

Nia Knowles: Westend

Oym Park

Poop and Pie


Random Atlanta

Rowland's Office

Steakhead's Atlanta Eats Blog

Sweet Georgia Blue

The Adventures of Spastic Squirrel

The Sunday Paper


Urban Baboon

Walk of Shame

Welcome to Terminus

Wrens Nest Online

Do you know about a Georgia blog headquarterd in Atlanta, Georgia or discusses Atlanta I haven’t listed? Please contact me at to let me know, or to advise any corrections that need to be made.

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