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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Invading The Melting Pot for a Sweet 16!

If you happened to be in downtown Atlanta last Saturday night and found yourself next to a white stretch limo at a red light you might have noticed what looked like strobe lights going on and off inside the car.

No, it wasn’t a rolling disco. No, it wasn’t even over anxious paparazzi practicing for a celebrity sighting.

It was just my sixteen year old daughter and seven of her friends….along with her father and I on our way from our home west of Atlanta to The Melting Pot for her birthday dinner. Of course each girl had her own camera plus I had my own. We took more than our fair share of crazy pictures and videos to remember the occaision.

Ben Eratabe from Goodness Limo took great care getting us downtown and back home again in regal style. Here is a picture of the girls in front of the limo, one of Dear Daughter with Ben, and another of the party inside the car enroute. Yes, the music was turned up loud.

Everyone had a blast. Dear Daughter’s birthday was actually at the end of February, but an over scheduled life on the part of her parents and her busy social life as well necessitated in a month-long wait for the big dinner and spend-the-night-party.

While the melting pot is a bit pricey, the service was impeccable, the food great (if you don’t mind cooking your own), and the surroundings interesting.

Along with a wonderful salad course we had three more courses of great fondues….cheese, meats, and a chocolate course that was wonderful. Since we were a party of ten we had three fondue pots on the table. For each course we ordered a different cooking style for each pot which ended up giving everyone more variety as we shared and shared alike. The girls liked the cheese and chocolate courses the best.

When you visit their main page here notice the three fondue pots on the left side side of the large picture click those for an interactive tour through the courses. Roll your curser over different parts of the table for more information to pop up. The page for the Midtown Atlanta (4th and Peachtree) location can be found here.

Ben got us all home safely and Dear Husband and I trudged away to our bedroom to TRY and get some sleep. The hard part was yet to come…..getting everyone up, dressed, and out the door for church Sunday morning, so they could all be reunited with their parents.

We made it just as services started. :)

I hope you had a very happy birthday celebration, Daughter Dear.


Rachel :) said...

I did have a good time.

Thank you mom.
Katie loves her picture.

Elementaryhistoryteacher said...

I'm glad, my dear. I love making memories like that.

Celeste said...

You are a good mom.

Anonymous said...

Did I used to ride with you in your golf cart around the lumber yard? My name was Wendy Blankenship and I think my sister was friends with your sister. Maybe? Please email me at!

Anonymous said...

EHT, This is Ben the chauffeur of your beautiful daughter's birthday. It was a pleasure and honor to be your chauffeur. Your daughter and her friends were well mannered. Anytime, anyday, I will be honored to be your chauffeur. Your husband is a lively man, pls keep on loving him.

Barbara Dent said...

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