Google+ Georgia On My Mind: February 2011

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Every Little Thing is Just Peachy!

Have you found That's Just Peachy yet?

It is my first stop when I want Georgia news. That's Just Peachy is set up like the Drudge Report, but specifically for Georgia. It’s the one-stop shop for news and views from around the state and covers headlines from across Georgia every day.

That's Just Peachy is an attempt to help connect Georgians to issues and stories that effect their everyday lives. Content for the website is pulled from a variety of newspapers, television and radio stations, and the ever-increasing-in-importance blogging community.

Oftentimes, it is easy for the urban, suburban, and rural areas of states to forget or not realize how connected we all are and That's Just Peachy tries to synthesize these important issues into a single site.

 Head on over and take a look and tell them ElementaryHistoryTeacher sent you.

That's Just Peachy has been added to the Georgia blogroll which has recently been updated and fine tuned a little.

You can find That's Just Peachy on Facebook…….and don’t forget to “like” Georgia on My Mind on Facebook as well.
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