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Georgia Blog Carnival Information

Welcome to the home of the Georgia Blogger’s Carnival!

A blog carnival is a collection of articles and blog posts that have an underlying theme, but rather being written by a single blogger, they are created by a number of different bloggers and posted in the same place.   The blog carnival involves posting all of the articles and blog posts together on a single blog, which is the host blog.   The host blog may be the organizer for the blog carnival or it may be someone completely different.  A lot of planning goes into the blog carnival concept in order to make sure the results are ideal.

The Georgia Blogger’s Carnival contains articles and blog posts written by bloggers who reside in the state of Georgia – that’s the underlying theme.    Submissions can cover a wide range of topics from politics, history, your thoughts on a particular topic, photography, etc., however, the person submitting the article or post for the carnival MUST reside in the state of Georgia.   It must be obvious from visiting the blogger’s site that he or she resides in the state.
You can view past editions of the Georgia Blogger’s Carnival here and here.

Georgia bloggers are encouraged to submit articles and posts for the carnival in order to take advantage of certain benefits:

1. You will gain an increase in traffic.   Once the carnival is published your blog will be mentioned along with a link to your blog post.  When readers read the blog carnival post, they will click on the link and follow it to your post.   Then they will increase your traffic accordingly.   You can definitely increase traffic to your blog by participating in a blog carnival.

2. You will gain new readers.   When you increase your traffic, you will be increasing your readership, not only just the number of people that visit.   If you are posting informative posts consistently and your visitors see this, they will have a reason to keep reading.

3. You will gain new links back to your blog.  These links will increase your ability to get traffic, not only from the blog carnival itself but also from the rest of the internet as well thanks to search engines.

Carnival Submission Rules:

*Blog owner/author must live in the state of Georgia.   This must be fairly obvious from the website.    Evidence can include the mention of Georgia cities, towns and places throughout the site, the blogger’s profile advises they live in Georgia, a few articles/blog posts mention current issues/news in Georgia, etc.

*Submissions DO NOT have to be Georgia related.   Any topic is accepted.  Articles must be well-written.  Informative and/or entertaining articles are a plus.

*Blog owners may submit ONE article/post per carnival.

*Submissions must be made by the published deadline in order to be included in the carnival.

*Submissions can be rejected at the discretion of the Carnival host.   The Carnival host will also determine how the submissions will be presented.

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