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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Additions to the Georgia Blog Roll

It's been a long, long time since I added new blogs to the blog list here at Georgia on My Mind, so what better way to get back into regular posting than by writing about one of my original purposes when I set this blog serve as a hub for blogs owned and written by Georgians.

For some time I had wanted to get the 300 or so Georgia blogs I link to here into organized categories, but health concerns and other issues got in the at the time Blogger didn't make the process easy.  I had to monkey with the HTML that creates what you see here to "get r done", and it was tedious.  Now it's a little easier with Blogger's listing capability, so I'm ready to try again!

Even so the process  may take me awhile, but there's no time like the present to get started, right?   Check back from time to watch the lengthy blog list on the right sidebar slowly evolve into categorized lists. are the new additions to the Georgia blogroll here at Georgia on My Mind:

1. ATL Vino Wine Blog....the tagline at this blog states, "Drinkin' wine in the Peach State."  That should say it all, but  Katie further advises on her "About" page:  The ATL Vino Wine Blog is intended to take a look at wine from the perspective of the average Atlanta wine consumer - no wine snobs allowed!  I thought it would be more fun, and maybe less intimidating to explore how us "normal" folk can use wine to bring enjoyment to our daily lives.  I invite you to join me as I write about various wine topics ranging from experiments, ideas, how-tos, cool wine products, wine events (most related to the metro Atlanta area), or any other topic that I deem interesting or humorous.

2. Proper Southern Woman...At first glance I love the look - the atmosphere of this blog from the deep red background to the great pictures placed at the top.   This blog author had me hooked once I gazed upon the hydrangea and the Mason jar full of what else.....sweet tea!   This blog is a journey of a Southern woman who realizes in order to become "a proper Southern woman" she needs to learn all of those things her "Momma" begged her to learn years ago.   We are invited to follow her journey.....

3. The Georgian Revival....the tagline states this blog is "dedicated to the research and preservation of Georgia architects and architectural history."  Revival Construction, Inc. owns and updates this blog.  As a history educator and enthusiast this site makes my toes curl!

4. The Roycroft Report...the tagline explains this blog is for rants and random issues - PC free!  Roycroft writes...I created this blog as my way of venting.  Now it's become more than a hobby with followers growing everyday which gives me reason to keep writing.   I don't expect everyone to always agree with my views, but if everyone agreed then what's the point of me continuing?  It's all about provoking your thoughts.

5. Georgia Mysteries....a blog intended to provide a venue for the free discussion and discourse concerning strange and weird phenomena in Georgia...that could include haunting, cryptos, disappearances, UFOs, strange objects, etc. written by a college history professor.  The most recent posting asks the question..."Were Georgia's Creek Indians Originally  from New Mexico?"

6. Vanishing Threshold:  Garden Life Home....This is one of Tara Dillard's blogs.  Anyone who seriously gardens knows who she is, and if you don't she will inspire you to want to garden!

7. Sovereignty Farm....located in Woodstock, Georgia their Facebook page states we currently sell eggs - our chickens are pasture raised, organic fed and antibiotic free!  Chicken, veggies and much more to come as we get up and running.

Enjoy these blogs and check out the others listed in the blog roll!
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