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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sweet Georgia Blue Asked So...

Sometime before the last Georgia Carnival Sweet Georgia Blue
tagged me for the 8 things meme. I had posted a list along with some pictures over at History Is Elementary, however, I thought I would post a bit more with more Georgia-ness added in my random facts……

1. I was born at Piedmont Hospital on Mother’s Day. The story goes my sister named me for a friend of hers….I’m glad. I was usually the only Lisa in my grade level all through school with a three year exception.

2. I grew up in the middle of a lumber yard---anyone remember the old West Lumber Company in Red Oak? My father was the manager of that store and a couple of others. Last summer I went on a visit to Red Oak to find my old house. I’m still looking.

3. I graduated from Woodward Academy, but I also attended Lakeshore High School and Eastern Elementary. I loved going to Woodward. It was difficult, but my first two years of college were a breeze because I was so well prepared.

4. My favorite mall is Lenox, of course. My favorite lunch is at the Swan Coach House. My mother used to take my sister and I for years. It was always a big deal. We’d have lunch---the frozen fruit with chicken salad is wonderful---and then hit Lenox. I’ve carried on the tradition with my daughter. My favorite department store is Rich’s….I refuse to call it Macy’s to the amusement of the nice folks who work there.

5. My favorite high school activity was riding up and down Old National Highway with hundreds of kids each Friday and Saturday night. Teens from Lakeshore, M.D. Collins, Woodward, Arlington, North Clayton, Headland, College Park, Russell…..and on and on would converge on a strip of road probably less than three miles long and inch along in the traffic from point A----the movie theatre near Service Merchandise down to point B---the Steak and Shake parking lot. Along the way you might turn in McDonalds and check out their parking lot and take a turn around the lot at Krystal. What can I say? We didn’t have music videos yet…and the Internet was still a few years away. Sadly many places along “the strip” are abandoned today.

6. Before I began teaching……I was a junior clerk for the State and Superior Courts of Cherokee County. I recorded deeds, helped people look up their titles, and collected traffic fines. Later I obtained a position with a law firm in Marietta where I learned the art of collection law. When I married and moved to Virginia Beach, Virginia I worked for a lawfirm there as well before becoming a stay at home mom with my first born. Once I was back in Georgia I returned to my old law firm for awhile and then I operated my own legal research firm doing background checks, running titles, and collecting debts for various small businesses.

When I grow up I’d like to write full time and teach at the college level. I believe I’m almost to the point that I’m grown up.

7. I hold an Associates Degree in Law from Reinhardt College, a Bachelors degree in Middle Grades Education with a major concentration in Social Studies and a minor in Language Arts from Mercer University, and I’m extremely close to holding in my hand a Masters degree in Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment. Someday when I have a few minutes I’d like to take the two or three classes I need to complete a Bachelors degree in History. I might stop then…..maybe.

8. My maternal and paternal families have been in Georgia for sometime. I wrote about my Dad’s family a few days ago. It’s amazing how DNA research is now helping people who research their family trees.

The rules for this meme were

1. Players start with 8 random facts about themselves.
2. Those who are tagged should post these rules and their 8 random facts.
3. Players should tag 3 other people and notify them when they have been tagged.

When I did this before, I tagged several people. If you are reading this second edition consider yourself tagged and if you would like to post eight random facts about yourself please do so. You can refer to me as your tagger. :)

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