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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Carnival Reminder and Blogroll Additions

The current Georgia Blog Carnival can be found here. The next edition will post here at Georgia on My Mind this coming Friday.

Submissions must be from a Georgia-based blog OR the post must concern the state of Georgia in some way if the blog is based elsewhere. Submissions can be sent to or use the handy blog carnival submission form.

Submissions should be turned in by Thursday, January 31st by 6:00 p.m.

This week’s blogroll additions are:

Dream-Create-inspire – This blogger states she is a SAHM mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, and child of God. She’s been blessed with an amazing family she loves very much. She’s passionate about painting and teaching others how to paint. She loves to scrapbook and create other ART in her spare time.

Abnormally Normal - Mom on the Run is trying to live a normal life in an abnormal world.

Peaches~and~Dreams – Bebe states she is a 30-something native Georgia girl who loves to putter in the garden, go antique-hunting, cook, bake, and dream of France, Britain, and Italy. Head on over for so much more.

Recovering Baptist – Wondering about the title? This blogger states we are all recovering from something. Some of us are alcoholics, others are narcissists, and others have had horrible relationships. You might be asking what this blogger is recovering from. Well, he states he is recovering from twenty-plus years of being an arrogant, legalistic, self-righteous Southern Baptist.

The Georgia Road Geek – the author of this blog, Steve, is to roads what I am to history…..he’s a road geek and his blog is very interesting plus he hosts the world’s first “roadgeek talkshow” at Hey, which two Georgia counties are considered to be “breakfast counties”? Head on over to Georgia Road Geek and find out.

Vanquishing Georgia – the tagline states “the desecration of the empire state of the south”. Recent postings include our last bout of snow, megachurch leader Bishop Paulk, and the Atlanta City Council’s efforts at telling young men to yank their pants up.

If you have sent me an email to add you to the blogroll and it hasn't been done please send me another request and I'll jump right to it. If you know of a great Georgia blog I don't have yet please send me their link.

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