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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Well, Hail!

It’s been an on again off again kind of day here along the tornado corridor known as I-20. The same goes for communities to the north and south of it. After some initial excitement at 5:30 this morning it was pretty quiet around here even after storms began to barrel through around noon. Most were far north of here, but I stayed glued to WSB and Glenn Burns.

This is the second time I’ve written about storms today so I guess it’s pretty clear they are foremost in my mind. While it’s true Fridays aren't so wonderful lately, today wasn’t so great either.

The husband came in and told me things were going to get bad around here pretty soon. I said, “You’re crazy. I’ve seen the radar. It’s all north of here.”

Hubby remained adament. “Nope, it’s gonna get bad. The llamas know.”

“Llamas?” I asked.

We have quite a few llamas living down the road and it seems even though there was no wind and the sun was out the the llamas were all huddled together in a circle. Hubby took that to mean the llamas knew something we didn’t.

Well, hubby was right, and so were the llamas.

Within 30 minutes WSB was tracking yet another storm bearing down on Villa Rica and heading for us. We sat and watched until it began to hail. We ended up in the basement. We watched from the garage doors. The rain began to fall….the hail began to get larger and larger. With every crash and bang Hubby worried about the vehicles. Using my best wifey voice I snapped, “That’s what we pay insurance premiums for.” Still….

We retired to the laundry room as the hail became large enough to bounce up into the windows. It was over in just a few minutes and we ventured out to collect some hail to examine. It littered the yard like Easter eggs. The image to the left is some of our collected

Later we were able to see the storm system that moved over us taken from an airport tower camera and seen on WSB:

Oh my.....what a monster.

When will this be over?

Shelbinator has posted two videos of Vine City Damage here and here.

…and one of my favorite haunts Oakland Cemetary has sustained storm damage from last night.

If you have posted storm pictures or videos at your site leave a comment and link.


Wayfarer said...

Glad to see your ok. Thats an awesome picture of the mesocyclone taken from the airport. Storms with that structure are rare in this part of the country.

Anonymous said...

Hi, EHT ... really pleased to see that you mentioned Oakland. It's only a few blocks from my house and I went by Saturday morning, thinking I would go on the property and take some pictures of the damage to the Stacks Lofts from Potters Field. Never even thought about the Cemetery itself being damaged until I got there. I've posted a set of pictures here:

and a couple of articles:

Oakland has an update here:

Please pass along to anyone you think might be interested.

Thanks, and I'm glad you got through the storms okay.


EHT said...

Thanks for the links. I see that WSB has planned a special for this week regarding Oakland. I'm interested in seeing it (3/27)

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