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Monday, June 23, 2008

Act Like a Tourist

Whether you live in Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, or Athens I’m sure there are parts of your town you’ve never explored as a citizen or as a quasi-tourist. For some reason most people would prefer to venture at least fifty miles or so away from home to learn local history or to experience the culture.

Those neighborhoods you pass through on your way to somewhere else just never get the credit they deserve.

Maybe you have been to Lenox Mall, but have never taken the time to mosey through the various shops up and down Peachtree. Perhaps, like me, you were born in Atlanta but have never taken the time to explore a place like Virginia Highlands or dared to leave the safe confines of your car to walk up and down Moreland or Euclid better known as Little Five Points.

What about the Governor's Mansion, the Swan House, the birthplace of Dr. King, or the Herndon Home? Maybe you have never taken the ride up to the top of the Peachtree Plaza or heard the magical words, “Whadda ya have? Whadda ya have? Whadda ya have?” at the Varsity.

Well, what’s your excuse? I’m too tired…We’re running late….Maybe next time….I’m not sure if it’s safe…..

Quite frankly I’m tired of having my own excuses. This is my summer – my summer for being a tourist even in my own hometown, and I’m starting with Little Five Points because that’s where my fifteen-year-old daughter wants to explore (post and pictures later this week)

Leave me a comment and tell me some great places located in Georgia you should explore, but never have.

What great places do you pass through on your way to somewhere else?


dot said...
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dot said...

Sorry I messed up!
I would love to visit the Rock Eagle mound and all of Georgia's covered bridges. I'd also like to revisit different places I've already been like the Georgia Guidestones, Cumberland Island, Jekyle Island, Brasstown Bald. So many places and so little time and money. lol. There are really many many things to see in this state.
Hope you enjoy visiting where ever you go!

EHT said...

Thanks Dot....I've written about many of those things here at Georgia on My Mind including the covered bridges and the guide stones. I'm in the process of building a site index so it will be easier to locate my topics here at the site.

I'd love to get back down to Jekyll...Cumberland Island and Ossabaw would also be great places to visit.

Unknown said...

Well, you could have gone to Lake Lanier, but that's out of the question right now. On 400, if you go up to about exit 15, there's a nature preserve, Sawnee Mountain Nature Preserve. You can hike up the mountain and other nature-y things. Driving through Cumming, Georgia, it's the only landmark you see. Oh yeah, here's the website:

Amy @ The Q Family said...

Funny.. I live in Cumming and I haven't been to Sawnee Mountain yet. My list will be long since I just moved here 2 years ago. Georgia has so much to offer. :) Can't wait to see what else on your list.

-Amy @ The Q Family

Darren said...

Every time I learn a little something more about my own hometown of Sacramento, I'm surprised at how "alive" history feels.

EHT said...

Hi Amy, I was born and bred and still have many placed to visit.

Darren, if we enjoy out little personal field trips SO much, just imagine the impact they can have on our students. Yes, it does bring history alive. I can always find a little bit of history everywhere I go. It drives my kids batty. :)

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