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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Crazy and Cool Little Five Points

So I asked Daughter Dear, “If you could explore any part of Atlanta which part would it be?”

Without hesitation she said, “Little Five Points.” Now, as far as I know she has only ridden through Little Five Points once when we were on our way over to the Carter Center to see one of the original Dunlap broadsides of the Declaration of Independence that is owned by Norman Lear, so I was little surprised at her answer.

I was also a little taken aback by her answer because I had never walked the streets of Moreland and Euclid even though I was born in Atlanta (a Piedmont baby, thank you very much). I had driven through many times…..As I mentioned yesterday, Little Five Points is one of those places I’ve always driven through to get to somewhere else.

Little Five Points was originally formed by the interesections of Moreland Avenue, Euclid Avenue, and Seminole Aveue. Today, many consider the fifth point to be where McClendon Avenue crosses Moreland since Seminole was incorporated into Davis Plaza.

Well, last Thursday Dear Daughter and I threw caution to the wind and we went explorin’.

It was a glorious day of art in your face, funky clothes, crazy shoes, insense and some other smells I recognized :). We also met lots of folks with various lengths of hair, interesting clothing choices, body art, and folks full of hellos and how are yous.

We started out by parking in the lot across the street from The Junkman’s Daughter and we walked down Moreland Avenue, crossed Euclid, and then down past Zestos we discovered we had an interesting choice of lunch at Front Page News or Sabroso. Dear Daughter felt like Mexican was the cuisine for the day, and we soon found ourselves sitting on their patio enjoying their fountain and interesting metal sculptures. I like the picture of Dear Daughter hidden behind the menu…..The service at Sabroso was excellent, and the our soft tacos were perfect.

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After lunch we headed across Moreland and began the trek down Euclid with Dear Daughter snapping pictures as we went. Art is everywhere….from the buildings themselves, to the items inside the store windows, to the sides of buildings where murals are displayed, back fences behind buildings, and yes, even the street signs and telephone poles contain someone’s idea of art. It’s great!
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The insides of the stores were just as great. It was interesting just to see how each store used their space…..Dear Daughter bought a pair of earrings at Envy…..she found a really cool white sundress, but I nixed the $80 price tag. Maybe if I go back in a few days the price will be lower. Her favorite store was Rag-O-Rama where they sell gently used clothing. I loved all the retro stuff, and Dear Daughter got a little tired of me showing her clothing items I had as a teen. She chose a Pepe Le Pew t-shirt that had been slashed down the front, back, and sleeves. We decided she could wear it over her swimsuit. I did relive some high school moments by putting on a few pairs of platform shoes and extreme high heels just to see if they still felt the same. They were worse. :) I’m soooo over THAT fashion trend.

Soon we found ourselves back up to the point where Euclid and Moreland cross so we Dear Daughter snapped some pictures of the goings-on in Findley Plaza. It was here where we tried on old hats at Stefan's Vintage Clothing

Then we had a quick sojourn in Findley Plaza and backdown Moreland towards The Vortex and The Junkman’s Daughter…..with a quick look around Davis Plaza as seen in these pictures:

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The Junkman's Daughter was one of my daughter’s most favorite stores. Lots and lots of quirky stuff to look at, and we kept finding article after article of “must-have” clothing. She finally settled on a couple of tops that left with her as she journeyed to Panama City Beach this morning with her youth group. I mean, really….how can you go on a trip without a new article of clothing….or two….or three… get the picture. Luckily she has a job, so…..Daddy isn’t footing the whole bill. :)

We can now truthfully say that Little Five Points is one our favorite Atlanta must-see and must-experience districts. BUT OUR MOST FAVORITE PART of Little Five Points……well, I will share that tomorrow. Be sure to tune in.
Little Five points information and history can be obtained here and here.


Amy @ The Q Family said...

Wow!! Great post. Make me want to have my own explorer soon. :) I have heard of Little Five Points but never know where it was. Thanks to you now we can refer back to your blog when we are ready.

-Amy @ The Q Family

EHT said...

Many people I know are a little conservative and unwilling to explore this area, but I found the people to be friendly, creative, and it's just a interesting little neighborhood. An open mind is must, however. :)

Deborah Wilson said...

OMG! It's been...let's see...13 years since I've been to Little 5. The last time that I was there I felt like I had entered a time machine and jetted back into the 60's or 70's. I had fun!

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