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Monday, June 30, 2008

More Georgia Blogs for the Blogroll

A Servant's Journey- As I began to prepare this post I opened up my email to discover overnight Servant had sent me a note letting me know he had found Georgia on My Mind and wanted to join our community. Head on over and welcome Servant as he writes about being a servant to One as well as a servant to all. A recent post at his blog is titled We are of the Second Man where Servant states, “Jesus is known as the Last Adam. In that, He took all that was of Adam, our fallen nature, to judgement and death on the cross.”

Photographic South- This is a brand new photography blog brought to us by BJ Wright. The tagline states, “Images of the Southern USA including historical notes, observations, related stories.” I particularly enjoyed BJ’s image of the backroad to the Tunnel Hill battlefield seen here. BJ’s other blog, Foothills & Highlands, is already on the Georgia blogroll here at GoMM.

BlogBrunswick- Many thanks to the administrator of this new blog for bringing it to my attention. The tagline states, “An online resource for Brunswick, Saint Simon’s Island, Jekyll Island, Little Saint Simon’s Island, and Sea Island.” I look forward to finding out more about an area of the state people like me (Atlantans) don’t get to as often as they should. If you are a Georgia blogger and live in any of these areas this is also a great resource for you as the administrators have a great local bloggers list going as well. This recent post concerns a fire on beautiful Cumberland Island.

Around the first of June I posted a new category for the left-side bar for music blogs. Rich over at Cable and Tweed let me in on some other great Georgia blogs for music. In my classic snail-like fashion it’s taken me a bit to “git-r-done” but here they are:

OhmPark- The OhmPark Staff have been busy all weekend at the Corndogorama in Athens which I take it to be more about music than corndawgs.

Confessions of a Music Addict- Wouldn’t ya know it? Just as I get my act together to do the add….they go on hiatus. Hey, that’s ok. I’m linking anyway cause it appears there’s still some great stuff to explore here….for example, this recent concert review for Ladytron.

That Truncheon Thing- this blog is also on hiatus….probabably permant, but like their
Good Night and Good Luck post states, “[we are keeping the blog up because] it’ll be like a time capsule for music in 2007.” Sounds good to me….

Underneathica- first of all since I’m a word freak and love language….this is a cool mash-up of words for the title. You’ll find lots of music stuff including great postings and lots of links.

Blank Crisis- Again, this blog is inactive, but if you like music you may find some great links and other stuff to explore here.

Captains Dead-a “lots a music stuff blog” with over 537 readers with Feedblitz….wow, I’d like that kinda stat over History Is Elementary. A recent post includes Titus Andronicus' the Airing of Grievances.

Fear of Arthropods- the tagline here says, “Music and wordsmithery…not necessarily in that order.” A recent post includes Paste Band of the Week: Bowerbirds

Paste Magazine- their website states they are one of the fastest-growing independently published entertainment magazines in the country and I’m told they are are based right here in Decatur, Georgia. Their website also states they pride themselves in being the premier magazine for people who still enjoy discovering new music, prize substance and songcraft over fads and manufactured attitude, and appreciate quality music across a broad stylistic spectrum---indie rock, Triple-A, Americana, folk, blues, jazz, etc. Check out the website for many, many different BLOGS.

The last two additions are band blogs….

Deer Hunter...the Band-currently on tour you can see them in action here and their Wikipedia page here

The Black Lips – they also have their own Wikipedia page here

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Rich said...

Just FYI, Corndogorama takes place at Lenny's in Atlanta (rather than in Athens). If it were in Athens, I would have gone to it. :)

EHT said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
EHT said...

OMG...suddenly I feel very old and out of touch. Where's my cane? :) Thanks for the heads up, Rich.

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