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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Submissions Are Due for the Georgia Carnival

It’s that time again…..the Georgia Carnival will post tomorrow.

This is just a reminder that if you would like to include a post of yours you can forward the link to me at or use the carnival submission form here. I’m getting this out a bit late, so I will take submissions through 9 a.m. tomorrow. Please limit your submissions to no more than two.

Due to the hacking of the site I have been unable to add blogs to the blogroll. Watch for the blogroll at Georgia on My Mind to disappear for a day or two as I rebuild the code by hand and finally maintain it on my own. There are two reasons for this…..I won’t have to depend on an outside source to maintain the blogroll, and it will no longer hang/freeze the site as it loads in your browser. Plus I will be able to add new blogs at will.

I will be going back into the hospital in December or January so there are dates available for anyone who would like to host the Georgia Carnival during that time.

Thank you to all of you have sent well wish my way since my health concerns began in late August. It has been an interesting and very long road to travel.

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