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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Beginning 2009 with New Georgia Blogs

With the arrival of 2009 this blog is now officially two years old, and even with a few twists and turns and stops and starts...I'm still here.

What a better way to begin the New Year than with some new additions to the blogroll.

Here they are:

The Underwriter- This blogger writes about hip-hop culture, politics, death, sex, alcohol….well, really just about everything. In his own profile, The Underwriter states he is a crusader. He is not arrogant, but he is a brilliant genius and is God’s gift to the Internet. He rules over all fraudulent critics and he can destroy you with a single paragraph. In a recent post The Underwriter lives to see 2009.

The Georgia Conservative-Another great Georgia political blog! The Georgia Conservative is written by Bill Mauldin. In a recent posting Bill laments Cynthia McKinney Returns. Our Georgia Conservative says, The darling of Georgia, that modern day Scarlett O-Hara of the south has done it again. Yes, friends and neighbors, just when you hoped the nightmare was over, Cynthia McKinney comes out of the woods to embarrass us once again. It seems that causing a stir at the capitol with a little face slapping, losing her seat in Congress, and losing a bid for the White House as the first African American /female president (I’m sure Obama and Hillary were worried) just wasn’t enough. She has seemingly injected herself into a warzone, and as Gomer Pyle would say, “Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!, she’s on the wrong side.

Ken's Place- I found Ken’s blog through my weekly participation in the Wordless Wednesday meme. I recognized his header image as something local and discovered Ken is a Marietta boy. Ken uses his blog to post a picture a day, and in his everyday life he is a photographer. His professional blog can be found here. Did you see the night sky Friday night? Ken did. It’s a great shot.

Rose Cottage- This blog is related to Ken’s Place in that the author of Rose Cottage is Ken’s wife. The tagline states featuring the loquacious ramblings of Jamie: homemaker, homeschooler, tea-drinker, flower-gardener, bookworm, shutterbug, wife and mama….all rolled into one. Prior to the New Year Jamie wrote about the Ministry of the Mailbox….We are all called to encourage one another. As part of my intentional living, I want to become more of an encourager, and writing letters and notes is one way I can do this. Jamie….I couldn’t agree more. Jamie also blogs at Rambling Rose, a blog she uses as a Bible study tool.

Old Tybee Ranger-The writer of this blog tells me that if he were to characterize his blog he would say it is a commentary on politics, current events, cultural history, and the American experience. He goes on further to state he can’t narrow it down more than that as he was trained to observe and understand “the big picture” and spent almost 37 years in a career perfectly designed for that perspective. On the Tenth Day is a recent post that discusses the old Christmas favorite, ..A Christmas Story, by Jean Shepherd as well as Dylan Thomas who wrote A Child’s Christmas in Wales. Don’t miss the video Old Tybee Ranger included of Thomas reading Do not go gently Into that good night. Good stuff!

Southside Atlanta Memories- The tagline states…Living, moving around the south side of Atlanta, Georgia in the 20th century, looking, linking for a great 21st. Archival photos, links to songs, other media, and especially other fun ATL related sites. One post in particular caught my attention… Life Magazine Pics of Georgia Military Academy aka Woodward…I’m a 1980 graduate of Woodward Academy, and I love any old photos of the south side institution.

Keri's Korner- This blog is written by Keri, of course….a paralegal by day and many other hats all the rest of the time. Keri writes about her daily life including crafts and OMG… there's going to be a wedding! Check back often over the coming days and weeks for more wedding preparations. I just love weddings.

That's it for this week. If you know of a great Georgia blog that isn't already on the blogroll let me know by sending the url to ....and yes, you can tell me about your own great Georgia blog as well.


Jamie {See Jamie blog} said...

Thanks for adding me, and for the lovely blog descriptions!

EHT said...

I'm glad to do it. You have lovely blogs that I can't wait to visit more often. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I'm NE of Atlanta and blog almost daily. I guess I could be called a life blogger. Regularly I feature my photography, as well as stories about my family and self.


Michelle said...

Oh, how can I get included in the GA blog roll? I would love to be:


EHT said...

Secret Agent've been added just this past week. I love your photography. It's awesome.

Hi Bella! I'll get you added in the next go round...probably Feb. 16th.

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