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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Georgia History: New and Soon to be available titles from Arcadia Publishing

Arcadia Publishing has recently announced two new titles in their Images of America series focusing on the towns of Smyrna and Stone Mountain.

The Images of America series are unique in that they tell the history of small towns and downtown areas through vintage pictures with informative captions. The Arcadia website states, "Local authors transform dusty albums and artifacts into meaningful walks down memory lane. Millions of vintage images become tiny time capsules, re-establishing memories  of the formerly familiar, introducing generations to what once was, and reminding us all of what has been (and can be) in every corner of our nation. The popular series has expanded over to time preserve and celebrate additional worthy topics including local landmarks, architecture, ethnic groups, and more."

The city of Smyrna dates back as far as the 1830s getting its start as a religious campground. The book "Smyrna" (the cover image is provided below) traces the town's history through several events including Civil War battles, the growth stemming from US 41, and the impact of Bell Aircraft Corporation (Lockheed). The book was put together by Harold Lee Smith, a co-founder of the Smyrna Historical and Genealogical Society, Inc. and the Smyrna History Museum. He's also a former city council member and Smyrna mayor. Mr. Smith's co-author is Kara Hunter-Oden, a curator of the Smyrna History Museum and vice president of the Smyrna Historical and Genealogical Society, Inc.


Who doesn't know about Georgia's iconic Stone Mountain, but what do we really know about the community of the same name? The new Arcadia volume titled "Stone Mountain" ( the cover image is seen below) provides a fantastic chance to learn about the "village that developed in its shadow". Who knew that "a flourishing granite industry attracted skilled, European laborers" or that following the Civil War the neighborhood of Shermantown was established by former slaves? The book was put together by the Stone Mountain Historical Society.
This spring, Arcadia Publishing will be announcing other new titles for Georgia including MINE.

Yes! My Images of America volume titled "Douglasville" will be ready for purchase by May, 2014!

Stay tuned for more information.

Hundred of history enthusiasts across the nation actually collect the Images of America series, and Arcadia makes collecting and purchasing easy.

You can search for and purchase titles directly from the Arcadia website, and easy to use social media buttons make it easy for you to alert friends and family concerning your favorite volumes. They even provide a few pages for you to review titles before you purchase via Google Preview.

If you sign up for the Arcadia newsletter, you will receive 20% off your next purchase.

HINT:  You can use the discount to purchase MY book!

The Smyrna volume can be reviewed and purchased here.

The Stone Mountain volume can be reviewed and purchased here.

I can't wait for my copies of "Smyrna" and "Stone Mountain" to arrive, but I have to be honest - I'm really getting excited about the release of my own title.

I'm so ready to share it!

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