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Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Georgia Carnival-Updated Information

Blog carnivals are particular kinds of blog communities that typically link together blog articles or blogs on a particular topic per the Blog Carnival FAQ page.

The Georgia Carnival can help Georgia bloggers by building a larger geographic community here on the web. Many states already have their own carnival such as North Carolina, New York, New Jersey, and Montana. Do we as Georgians want to be left out? I don’t think so.

Over the past few days I’ve discovered many types of Georgia blogs. There are a large number of political sites, a few dealing with history and education, several personal journals, and a few business related blogs. Many different bloggers have met in real life and many already share regular get togethers within their smaller blogging communities. Think of the Georgia Carnival as one more opportunity to meet up with other Georgia bloggers. The carnival can serve as a place for you to showcase your blog. We can all widen our focus a bit, and reach a more diverse group of people. I see no negatives here….only positives.

Blog carnivals can also help your site with search engine optimization. Each edition of the carnival you participate in provides you with a direct link to one of your articles from a topic related site. Carnivals increase readership and are great tools to promote your blog. Eventually hosting will be open to all Georgia bloggers. The benefits in increased traffic are huge.

Carnivals can be called link-fests, however, the links are not chosen but are submitted to the editor/host of the carnival who uses text to link all of the different submissions together. Recently at History Is Elementary I hosted the education carnival. You can view it here to see a carnival in action.

You can participate in a carnival in two ways. You can simply tune in on January 5th and click through to all of the different postings. A better way to particpate, however, is to submit a post by January 4th and then tune in on the 5th to click through to all of the different postings.

In order to submit a post you can email me at It will be helpful if you advise your blog name, blog URL (address), and the permalink for the particular post you are submitting. You are free to submit any post, however, most people submit articles that they consider to be their best so that folks can get an idea regarding what your blog is about. I usually ask myself, “Is this something others might be interested in?”

The carnival information is up at the Blog Carnival site here, but I don’t think a submission form is working yet. It’s much easier for everyone if submissions are handled through the Blog Carnival submission form, so I will try to get that going as soon as possible.

I look forward to your participation in the Carnival for Georgia Bloggers.

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