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Sunday, January 7, 2007

Sunday Visits: A Quick Tour Around the Georgia Blogs

One of the things people used to do on Sundays was to take a drive and perhaps visit with a few friends and family. I can remember visiting my Pa Land where we would sit on his front porch after church and see who would show up. I’ve posted a picture of his front porch here with this post. Almost like clockwork beginning around one or one-thirty in the afternoon a slow steady stream of visitors would begin arriving to rock on the porch or rock by the fire depending on the time of year. While many people do still go out to eat after church very few go “a visitin’”. That’s a shame. While I didn’t get in my car and head out today I did get online and take a tour around the Georgia blogs to see what everyone is talking about. There’s a lot going on. Here’s what I discovered:

Cozy Reader says, "PETA, say it ain't so!". Apparently PETA has announced that they are not going to help the livestock that have been standed in the snow out west. Amazing! Aren’t THEY the animal people?

Yellow Rose is also saying, "Say it ain't so!" to the news that Britney Spears wants to adopt a Tsunami baby.

Over at Stephen's Untold Stories he has a link to some really interesting pictures of windmills out at sea that are used to generate power. When you first see them you think they are small-------click through his link and scroll down and look at the rest of the pictures. They are HUGE!

Have you heard about the Z-list? Elisheva over at Got Bible? has written about blogging phenomena going on that seeks to help lower ranked blogs find readership out in the big old blogging world. Several people have had big results from this.

South Georgia Liberal is concerned about Georgia’s children as am I. See this link to a report that says some children in the South will never get ahead.

I was so busy last week finally getting back to school and getting the Georgia Carnival up that I barely noticed the Democratic take over and Congressional swearing in. During the Prager episode to this story I wrote about the issue at History Is Elementary in my post Ummmm...I Believe Your Myths and Traditions Are Showing. Thanks to a Georgia blogger I discovered Keith Ellison, the Congressman who used the Quran at his swearing in actually borrowed one that belonged to none other than Thomas Jefferson. Go read Dave’s take on the whole thing here at Tail Over Tea Kettle. It’s very good.

Did you know that being too comfortable can kill you? William Reichart at Provacative Church tells us how.

I’m guessing, but I’ll bet at least ninety-eight percent of Americans made a New Year’s resolution concerning losing weight. I know I did. If you are struggling already with your resolution go read the post On Pounds over at O, The Joys. I almost guarantee you will see some of yourself in her post.

Last but not least Atlanta Public Affairs and Peach Pundit are both discussing Georgia’s Blue Laws. Personally, once you were able to order a drink in a restaurant on Sunday the whole thing should have been thrown out. Atlanta Public Affairs gives a link to Senator David Shafer where citizens can weigh in.

Well, it nice visiting, but all good things come to an end and I need to get on to lesson planning for tomorrow. Happy Sunday!


John Otter said...

Check Out for a bunch more Georgia blogs. Full disclosure: Friend of mine runs it.

elementaryhistoryteacher said...

Thanks for the tip and for dropping by!

William Reichart said...

Thanks for the shout out and for putting this blog together. I didn't have a chance to say so since I've been back from vacation.

Pastor Bill

liv said...

hey thanks for checking out my blog...can't wait to see what gets posted here next!

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