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Thursday, June 28, 2007

An Explanation for Mystery Pictures

Yesterday I provided a couple of links to mystery pictures.

The first picture is seen here. A blogging friend of mine, The Tour Marm, had also posted an image and was asking for folks to identify it. I left a comment for her this afternoon and identified the picture as Oscar Solomon Straus, Secretary of Commerce and Labor under President Theodore Roosevelt. He is the brother of Isidor Straus who perished on the Titantic along with his wife. She chose to die with her husband rather than escape with the other women and children in the lifeboats.

There are actually two Georgia connections that I can think of. The first is Isidor Straus who owned Macy’s Department Store. It wasn’t too long ago that Macy’s bought out Davison’s, a longtime Atlanta staple. Then the large conglomerate that owned Macy’s purchased another local department store----Rich’s.

I’m one of “those” who refuses to refer to “my favorite department store” as Macy’s. It will always be Rich’s to me.

A second Georgia connection has more to do with Theodore Roosevelt. His mother Mittie married Theodore’s father in Roswell, Georgia at Bulloch Hall.

The second mystery image was over at History Is Elementary. Many people had tried to discover the identity of the structure I posted and how it figured into American History.

Georgia’s own Grift Drift from Drifting Through the Grift correctly identified the location.

Way to go!

I provided more details about the picture here.

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