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Friday, June 8, 2007

Georgia Carnival 11

Welcome to the eleventh edition of the Georgia Carnival. Please support these fine Georgia bloggers by letting them know you have visited them with a comment, and please continue to support the carnival with your links and shout-outs at your site to alert others to what we Georgia bloggers have to offer.

So What Are You Doing With the Men In Your Life This Summer?

How many times have your kids already said I’m bored this summer? 30Plusteacher has the answer. In fact her answer is great for any boy from 6 to 96. Check out her post from Best Practices in EducationBoy Boredom: A Way to Stop the Madness.

Lillinda from Life As I See It makes her Georgia Carnival debut with her post Summer School. It’s not what you are thinking, but any female with males in the house can certainly understand where she’s coming from.

Blogging and Technology

Are you linked in? Networking on Steroids from Remaining Relevant in Changing Times asks your opinion.

Maybe it’s just me but since the advent of VCRs I’ve had a difficult time keeping up with changing technology. Just as I buy the newest version I find out my technology is already obsolete. Rabbit Ears from Article of Faith continues the saga.

I’ll miss Doug Monroe from Peachtree Screed. In case you missed it here is his goodbye post.

Out and About in Georgia makes a debut here at the Georgia Carnival by sharing Reminiscing on Hiking

Speaking of hiking….I wrote about a place in North Georgia this week which was once a thriving community and is now simply a favorite haunt of hikers and anglers. It’s in The Pocket.

When is the last time you ventured out to the Georgia Renaissance Festival? Bell-Ah from Southern Somedays has gone and she tells us all about it here and here.

Chicken Fat has been out and about as well. Check out his Thursday Morning Adventures


"What are schools supposed to do with $1200 of foreign language materials if there are no teachers who can teach Spanish?"asks the Augusta Observer in a piece titled Spanish Programs to Be Cut at Stephens.

Let me tell you…Spelling is Tough Stough so says Terrell from Alone on a Limb. He says, “ Each year I choose one week as the One Word Spelling Test Week. I announce to my students the good news that there will be only one word on the Friday spelling test that week. And then I hit them with the bad news that the one is the "Longest Word in Webster's Third". What do YOU think the word is? Could you learn to spell it from memory?

Many of us simply eat up the predictions that are brought forth each and every New Year and, then we promptly forget them. Do any of them hold weight? Lyn at Sleepless Juggler posts some past Predictions published in her school’s staff newsletter that are pretty interesting.

Self Help

Confessions of a Resident Alien knows how your Credit Score Breaks Down and Gives Some Ways to Boost It.

Everyday Life Musings

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be addressed by the correct title once someone has mastered the requirements for a certain level in their professional life. Audacity gives us some background concerning the word colonel in That's Ms. Colonel to You.

Are you of the opinion that pastors have it down and all thought out? Pastor Bill gives us Five Reasons Why I Won't Lead My Wife. His post is very honest and I’m sure many men could see themselves in the pastor’s shoes.

I think every community should have equal access to a Kroger or Publix. Doesn’t it fall under "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness"? Long time Doraville citizens are circulating petitions to express their views regarding the inclusion of traditional American grocery stores in their area. Dora-Blog though has the answer…The Way to Bring Kroger or Publix to Doraville.

Questing Parson had a visit the other day from a young lady, and she had some opinions About Funerals.


A La Gauche gives us Two More Reasons I'm Socialist

Several people have weighed in on WSB-TV reporter Dale Cardwell’s announcement concerning the U.S. Senate. If the election were held today I’d vote for…..Atlanta Public Affairs tells us here.

Did you see the news clip of the Alabama legislator throwing a punch at another legislator? Peach Pundit posted Charles Bishop Gets Into a Fist Fight with links to the story and video. Thank the Lord is was Alabama……:)

The race for President is getting tougher says Cadillac Tight. Check out John Edwards Tough Guy.

Confessions of a Political Junkie takes a look at another aspect of the illegal alien question. Erick makes some very valid points in his post Slavery in Georgia 2007.

The next edition of the carnival will be found here two weeks from today. Posts can be sent to or use the handy submission form.

Thanks for your continued support of the Georgia Carnival!

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