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Friday, June 22, 2007

Komen Community Challenge is Currently Underway

Last week I received a nice email from the folks with Susan G. Komen for the cure.

Here’s some of the text:

Every woman diagnosed with breast cancer is someone’s sister, mother, best friend, or child. And every one of them deserves an equal chance at early detection and treatment that could save their life. You get it. We get it. Does the Georgia State Legislature get it? Right now, thousands of women in our state are not getting the breast health care and screening services they need because of access and funding gaps in our healthcare system. This weekend the Komen Community Challenge is underway.

I apologize to the organizers for not posting this sooner.

The website for the Atlanta Chapter is HERE.

Komen Community Challenge is headed to Atlanta to "Close the Gap" in access to quality health care, research and information. We need you, your voice, and your passion for change - so mark your calendars with a pink ribbon and join us beginning Wednesday June 20 - Saturday, June 23 for a variety of activities.

Visit here for More Information.

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