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Friday, June 29, 2007

Is Your Site on the Georgia Blogroll?

Here are a few more additions to the Georgia blogroll. It is really growing, but I know there are many, many more blogs out there I haven’t snagged yet. Please don’t wait on me. Feel free to email me if you want your blog included before I can get to you, and I will add it straight away.

If you would like to receive the code to add the blogroll to your site I will be more than happy to provide it. Simply email me at

I’m also wondering about dividing the blogroll into categories so that folks can find what they are looking for. Just a thought…..what’s your opinion?

Here are the newest additions.

Red Clay Commerce This blog explores business news from Georgia and beyond from the perspective of a seminary-educated Lake Country mortgage advisor

Life At Number 17 Ms. G states she is a lover of: good books, good baking, good gardens and people who follow their hearts while doing good things along the way

Georgia Podcast Network Georgia’s best podcasts in one location

Joeventures Interesting links and comments….

Savannah Red made his Georgia On My Mind debut in the last Georgia Carnival…today he’s writing about parent responsibility. Yay!

Georgia Peach Slices A great blog from a retired couple in Roswell. A nice friendly spot.

Do You Have Issues? Margaret offers a great spot where she writes about many issues.

Metro Political Report the site states The Metro Political Report web site is the home page for the weekly political email calendar detailing Republican events around Fulton, DeKalb, Gwinnett, Cobb, and beyond. Sent out once a week on Thursday night, the Metro Political Report allows Republican activists to learn more about the upcoming events in their area as well as information regarding current elected officials, political candidates, and general topics of interest in the news. Independent of outside control, the MPR strives to be a balanced resource for individuals seeking Republican events and updates without excess spin, fluff, or bias.

The Dustin Inman Society The Dustin Inman Society is dedicated to educating the public and our elected officials on the consequences of illegal immigration, our un-secured borders and the breakdown of the rule of law in our Republic.

Life As I See It Lillinda has also contributed to the Georgia Carnival. Recently she was writing about a dead body at Walmart and how dogs get married. this author writes about everything from hiking to how libralism and television viewing can be linked.

An Entrepreneur's Journey the personal blog of the owner of What A Concept!...another Georgia blogroll participant

The Other Athens contrary to what many believe alternative political viewpoints do exisit in Athens

Blue in Redsville As a liberal living in conservative South Georgia, I have a lot to vent about.

Tondee's Tavern a practical and useful blog for the benefit of progressives…There was a Tondee’s Tavern in Georgia history that was very instrumental in the events in our state before, during, and after the Revolution. Check out the link at the bottom of this site’s page on the right.

Georgia Votes Edwards I think the title is self-describing

About Atlanta, GA a blog about intown happenings

Have fun visiting these new reads!


sherry heyl said...

thanks for the link. I need to get in touch with you about a project I am working on - please email me sherryheyl[@]

EHT said...

I'm doing it right now Sherry!

Belle-ah said...

Great additions! Good job on the Blog Carnival!

Amber said...

Pssst I'm not on it -

EHT said...

Thanks Belle-ah!

Amber, I'm sorry. I actually thought you already were. I will take care of it today. :)

Stacy said...

Thanks for adding the link to my blog - I hope you come check it out frequently, and I'd like to keep seeing what you post.

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