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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Endangered Civil War Battle Sites

The American Historical Association Blog has published a link to the 10 Civil War Battle Sites that are endangered per the Civil War Preservation Trust. Included on the list is our own Savannah battle site that entered the history books as Sherman was near the end of his March to the Sea in December, 1864.

The site details the threat:

As new houses, commercial establishments and roads are built, the 1864 defenses are in danger of being lost. Isolated earthworks remain on the grounds of the Savannah Christian Preparatory School and along the southern portion of the Confederate Line between Ogeechee Road (U.S. 17) and Louisville Road (U.S.80), but most of these fragments are overgrown and unprotected. Tom Triplett County Park contains the remains of Federal fortifications and camps.

The image I’ve posted here shows Sherman’s troops removing ammunition from Ft. McAllister. While the fort is not listed on the CWPT site I thought the image was interesting.

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