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Friday, March 28, 2008

The Georgia Blog Carnival Has Arrived!

The Georgia Blog Carnival is open for your reading enjoyment over at Paw Paw Bill's place. Our host has titled edition 32 as the What Can Go Wrong Will Go Wrong carnival as he experienced computer problems earlier in the week, and I had email issues which is why you might not have received that bi-weekly reminder from me about carnival submissions... even though I sent them out.

Through all the down time we might have missed a submission from you. Please let us know, or save it, and submit it for next time using the official form.

Please remember the pay a carnival host receives is your link informing your readers about the carnival. It only takes a second to do, and it’s most appreciated.

I’m off to get me some cotton candy. See ya at the carnival!


Jenni said...

I just found your blog...I have lots of catching up to do and see what other Georgians are up to..

EHT said...

Oh Jenni, I'm so glad you found me.

I'll be adding your blogs to my blogroll soon.

WillThink4Wine said...

I forgot to submit, perhaps next month!

EHT said...

Hi! Don't worry. The Georgia Carnival posts twice a month, so you can submit by April 10th to be included in the next edition.

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