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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Battle of the State Blog Carnivals Has Begun

Ed Darrell over at Millard Fillmore's Bathtub noticed via David Parker’s Another History Blog that Georgia had birthed a carnival.

Then Ed had to go and say:

"If Georgia, with its dull, almost-landlocked, not-found-by-Europeans-until-the-17th-century and having-only-peaches-instead-of-peppers history can do it," Ed says, "Texas should be able to do it better."

Uh……what? Georgia is dull? My good man we are anything but dull.

My fellow Georgians, it seems we have been issued a challenge by my very worthy Texas friend.

You can see David's response to Ed here. And David shows that Georgia had European exploration going on as early as 1526….earlier than Texas in case you were wondering.

Are we going to let the newly formed Texas Carnival appropriately called Fiesta Texana have more submissions than our own? Do we want them to get ahead of us?

I am very grateful to all of you who have supported the Georgia Carnival as I have added your site to the blogroll (sometimes without asking first) and snagged some of your post for the carnival and told you about it later. I’m also so very pleased so many of you have requested to be added to the blogroll and proudly post the roll at your site. Thanks! We haven’t missed a posting date yet and so far we have had two guest hosts and a third coming up with a fourth waiting in the wings later in April.

Please give the carnival a shout out occaisionally at your site so other Georgians will know about it….and don’t forget to submit your posts.

Any Georgia blogger can submit a post to the upcoming Georgia carnival for March 30th including a post you have written yourself.

Email our next host…Melanie over at Blog For Democracy at or use the handy submission form over at the Blog Carnival site.

You can see the last carnival hosted by Provocative Church.

Don’t mess with Texas my foot……!

……Of course I hope you realize this is all good natured fun. Ed has been a huge supporter of History Is Elementary and has sent tons of people my way. I just saw an opportunity for some fun.

Really though… we want the Texans to have a better carnival than our own?


Celeste said...

I am inspired. LOL
My son in law is Texan.

EHT said...

Great Celeste! Don't forget to submit a post to the carnival by 3/29.

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