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Friday, August 3, 2007

Georgia Carnival 15

Welcome to the 15th edition of the Georgia Carnival. Please support these fine Georgia bloggers by letting them know you have visited them with a comment. Your continued support with your links and shout-outs at your site helps to alert others to what we Georgia bloggers have to offer.

Check out the new carnival button over on the right. It’s a great way to let others know about the carnival. If you would like to have this at your site email me and I can provide the code.

You can host the carnival at your site! Just let me know you are interested and I will set up a date for you. It’s a great way to put your own personal spin on the carnival.

Now… on to the highlights of Georgia blogging during the past two weeks:

Literary Georgia

What’s wrong with the writing some Christian fiction writers produce? Otter, over at Grasping for the Wind thinks he knows.

Financial Georgia

I guess we all have visions of the perfect credit card. Mine would be one that automatically credits my account at the end of the month. Personal Finance of a Resident Alien provides some much needed information in Review:

Also, who doesn’t need a few Easy Ways to Save Money.

Educating Georgia

Just what do those teachers do on their summer off? Terrell from Alone On a Limb clues us in with one possibility.

The Fourth of July usually means it’s time for teachers to begin returning to the classroom to get it set up and ready. I generally spend two hours a day between the Fourth and August 1st at school along with several of my colleagues.

Bird In Hand also visits her school during summer, and recently picked up her $100 card compliments of the state of Georgia….you have to be quick though and spend it before they take it back.

Over at History Is Elementary I ask, Is state history being erased? and did you know Africans fought in World War I?

Another History Blog’s David Parker provides information regarding our newest and oldest graduate. It’s never too late to achieve….never.

Miss Kitty from the Educated and Poor blog is a brand spanking new addition to the blogroll. She is an adjunct college English professor. Over at Educated and Poor she writes about an ethics class service project. Personally I love the cat with extra toes…..I have one myself.

The Principal’s Office says nuts to peanut allergies!

Travel and Good Eatin’ Georgia

“…he’s going to have to sell a lot more watermelons than what he had in the trunk of his car to fix her teeth. And, hell, I saw the sorry condition of her teeth from the road.”

So begins Savannah Red’s excellent travel log Savannah River Swamp Trail.

Want to visit a non-populated spot? Stephen’s Untold Stories has the map for you.

Miss Vickie from Beyond the Crossroads fame has been traveling blog post style through our great state. Pack your bags and enjoy her travels with Things I Love About Georgia, Touring Georgia--Peaches to Beaches---Fountains to Mountains and All in Between, Are You Loving Georgia Yet?, Georgia's Shining Lights, Touring Georgia's Shining Lights, and Dreaming of Georgia's Lighthouses.

Creative Georgia

Marketing = Writing = Blogging……One of the things we don’t realize when we start blogging is through the process of our writing we are actually participating in marketing. Who knew? Scott over at Atlanta’s Marketing Center does and wants to share the good news that marketing is writing.

Creativity and cultivating new ideas isn't easy. Here are 5 ways to ignite the spark of creativity in all you do from Pastor Bill at Provocative Church.

Seems like creativity has met up with the culture of the business meeting as well…. It seems the grocery stories is the next meeting hotspot. Whole Foods has WIFI has the lowdown from So….What’s Next?!?

Ever gotten creative with food? In the past so have many Georgians, and they ended up making a fortune. Rebecca at Atlanta Foodies provides the history of food in Atlanta.

Georgia Takes on Politics and Current Events

Lefty via A la Gauche states it must be nice to be a member of the elite,

A Typical Joe has some advice regarding how to deal with conservative courts.

The Buzz Blog is buzzing about the fair tax while Blog For Democracy says there they go again!

Doug over at Considerettes states, “Americans are fleeing to Canada. What effect will this have on American politics?

Stacey at About Atlanta wonders about another Atlanta airport.

“He made them an offer they couldn’t refuse… and that’s what it boils down to…” so says The Beef Jerky Blog concerning Rupert Murdoch, the Godfather..

Is a certain group speaking for the homeless or not? Shelbinator wonders....while Atlanta Public Affair’s DecaturGuy asks what kind of body language does an illlegal alien have?

And what’s all of this from the AJC’s Political Insider concerning changing the way presidential primaries are held?

Worshiping Georgia

Mmmmmm…..Coookies at church? Valtool’s Box asks What would Jesus do with an oreo?

Ever been on one of those 1-800 help numbers and discover the person helping you is way off in India? Seems like everything is outsourced today….even compassion says Irenic Thoughts via Questing Parson.

The next edition of the carnival will be found here two weeks from today. Posts can be sent to or use the handy submission form.

Thanks for your continued support of the Georgia Carnival!


Sherry Heyl said...

Thanks for th link. There is also a site called that shows who has wifi in the city. I am horrible at contributing to it. I mostly try to document where to meet on my blog as a way to remind myself of the good meeting places. But please share...we need such resources.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for doing the carnivals. Its a really nice way to see what Georgia bloggers are doing.

Anonymous said...

This is great. I have been looking for bloggers that lived closer to me. I have done quite well this past week and this post certainly does help.

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