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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Blogroll Additions

Remember to check out the latest Georgia Carnival over at Facing the Sharks that posted last Friday. I’m still trying to wade my way through it.

Here are this week’s additions to the blogroll……If I haven't added yours yet send me an email to to prompt me. :)
Drive a Faster Car – From this blog’s “about” section…Peanut butter sandwiches, paying the rent late to pick up the latest albums, and biking around in the hood. [This is] an Atlanta blog featuring the Metro Atlanta area, music, life and independent art.

Fluffy Flowers – Lots of neat crafting ideas and a little about life in Macon

Greener Pastures - The blog author, Pasture Scott, states, “Why Green Pastures? The vision for this site is to take you to the same verdant pastures and cool waters that my Lord takes me; offering, I trust, the consolation of the Holy Spirit to parched souls. And I’m sure you are wondering about the moniker “Pasture” Scott…..He states you need to know that I go by “Pasture Scott” because in our fellowship of many little ankle-biters, I am known by this tender nomenclature since “pasture” sounds so like “pastor” from the lips of southern tykes. It’s appropriate, don’t you think?”

Arc of Time – this blog author states the site primarily exists as a way to keep friends and family updated and to post about running, the internet, religion, and of course, Atlanta……..this blogger also blogs at Metroblogging Atlanta

Metroblogging Atlanta – a group blog about…..all things Atlanta, of course. Recent postings include riding on Marta, the UGA/Ga. Tech game, a wreck in front of King Plow, and Grady.

Next Gener.Asian Church – the tagline states “the collision of faith and Asian Amerian culture”….it’s a collaborative blog to discuss issues facing Asian American culture and the Christian faith. – When she describes herself in one word Maigh informs her readers that she has “kick”. Recently she posted the comment “Yes, I plan on wearing sandals the rest of my life.” I know how she feels…I finally had to forgo my flip flops for real shoes over the weekend, but I’m keeping them by the bed just in case we have a heat wave. I’m looking forward to reading more of Maigh’s postings.

Mostly – This blogger’s “about” page states he is a producer for the online home for America’s “Very Funny” cable network, TBS. He also writes for The Daily Flog, Metroblogging Atlanta and Blogging Harry Potter.

Re: Paper – This is a very cool blog oozing creativity…..lots of hackbooking and photography. Not sure what hackbooking is? Head on over and look at the sidebar to the left for an explanation

The Gist - Will Hindmarch is a freelance writer and game developer based in Atlanta, Georgia. His site design is very pleasing to the eye and I look forward to reading his posts, however, one warning per Will…..don’t ask him about zeppelins or he’ll keep you tied up in conversation all day. Will, I think they are pretty cool as well.

The next Georgia Carnival will post December 7th over at Drifting Through the Grift. Submit your posts to or use the handy submission form. Submissions are due Thursday, December 6th by 6:00 p.m.

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