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Thursday, November 15, 2007

I Need Your Input Georgia Bloggers

The blogroll here at Georgia on My Mind is growing quickly, and many people are finding Georgia blogs through the carnival and due to the extra links it and the blogroll provide.

However, if someone is looking for a particular type of blog they must sift the the numerous blog catalog and directory sites, look for their topic, and then hope to find a local blogger. I think it would be easier if I provide a topic listing of Georgia blogs. I have been working on this for the last several weeks, but I need some feedback from the Georgia blogging community.

My plans are to group together like blogs in a series of blog posts. The postings will be accessible under the topic keyword with Google. Once the post is published the link will become a hyperlink I will place the hyperlink in the sidebar under Georgia Blog Topics. For example, the few blogs on the blogroll like my History Is Elementary that focus mainly on history would be under the topic "history". My blog would also have a secondary category…."education".

As new blogs are added and introduced I could edit and re-post the topic post. In this way every Georgia blog is listed on the blogroll and will be listed under two topic listings as well.

So, what I need from Georgia bloggers is ideas on topic labels. Each blog will be labeled two ways like I set out above. Here are some possible topics I’m working with already:

On-line Media/ (I’ve linked to several blogs that represent newspapers/magazines)
Events and Things to Do
Rural Living
City Living
Creative Arts
On-line Journalism
Family and Everyday Life
Advocacy (see Hope of Georgia blog or Dustin Inman Society)
Legal Issues
Popular Culture
Book Reviews
Presidential Race (campaign blogs)

I had a topic noted as "Journal”, but isn’t that kind of what blog is anyway? A journal can be about anything, so that’s why I decided to post this to see if anyone has a preference or other ideas.

I think this can help get the right traffic to the right Georgia blog, so I’d love to have your ideas.

If you have two topics you already know you want for your blog please email me at or leave word in the comments.

A few submissions have already been received for next week’s carnival.

Am I still waiting on yours? :)


EHT said...

One Georgia blogger has suggested the category "style", so consider it added to my list.


Shark Girl said...

I would like to suggest 2 categories: art and dance

Also, it seems Journalism and On-line Journalism might need to merge. When I think of journalism, I wouldn't look under the "O" categories, so some people's blogs might get lost if they're filed under "O".

Shark Girl said...

I'm actually over here on this page sneaking in ideas of creating the carnival post so looking for categories to use. This is fun! :-)

Shark Girl said...

I just saw your "Creative Arts" category. That should cover art and dance. LOL!

I'm not the brightest lightbulb in the chandelier...

EHT said...

I'm not the brightest bulb either sometimes....I entertain my family quite often.

Thanks for the input. All suggestions either through comments or emails are being duly noted. I plan to begin posting categories after Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

Mine is so schizo i wouldnt dare try...I think it is your call!

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