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Monday, February 4, 2008

Just a Few Additions

This week’s additions to the blogroll are:

Decatur-Dekalb – for matters of possible interest for those within 6 miles of Decatur, Ga.

inDecatur – the “about” section of this blog states Decatur is an inside the perimeter community retaining a friendly, small town atmosphere. It is in demand as a place to live, work, eat, and play. This is the oldest blog which actively covers it.

Dr. Judy Halliday – the tagline here states life lessons, coaching, and consulting from a psychological viewpoint. Find out about the recent Savannah Unconference 08 in her post Lessons Learned From a Newbie

Coastal Viewpoint – a free online local paper for Brunswick, St. Simons, Jekyll, and Sea Island. Every community needs a great online site such as this. Check it out!

Will Think 4 Wine – Love the title and love the tagline….”Wine is constant proof that God wants us to be happy.” Ben Franklin said that, and I believe him. I believe old Ben as well. This blogger states she has no particular theme for her blog. She simply writes about what she feels passionate about. Occaisionally her sisterdears are guest contributors.

Suburban Messiah – This blog is written by a candidate for a Master’s degree in Religious Studies the University of Georgia. The goal is connect religion and popular culture from a scholarly standpoint.

Here at Georgia on My Mind I also have a blogroll for blogs that mainly focus on state or local matters. Here are some additions to that blogroll as well.

Out and About in New York City

My Florida History

Hill Country of Monroe County, Mississippi

Remember....I need your help. I can't find all the great blogs from Georgia or the bloggers writing about specific states or places on my own. Drop me an email if I've missed one of your favorites.


Terry Thornton said...

Thanks for the link/mention to Hill Country of Monroe County, Mississippi. It is most appreciated!

Another local blog you may wish to consider is the one published by Bob Franks, Publications Editor for the Itawamba Historical Society (MS). He does a super job of writing about items of interest about Mississippi. His site is ITAWAMBA HISTORY REVIEW at

Terry Thornton
Fulton, MS

EHT said...

Thanks Terry! I had seen your link referral on my site meter a few weeks ago. I'm just slow on getting things done sometimes. Thanks for the lead and I'll check the site out.

Anonymous said...


The blog things is new and just goes to show how much I need to learn. I've working on tags and links. My - it's a language that is so confusing. But with folks like you, I should be well on my way.


Dr. Judy

Bought it From Etsy said...

Let me try that post again with more grammatical syntax.

This blog thing is new to me and just goes to show how much I need to learn. I have been dabbling with meta tags and link. Oh my! This blog language is so confusing. However, with smart individuals such as yourself, I should be well on my way to learning this new syntax. There, I feel better. Where did I sit that glass of wine?


Dr. Judy

EHT said...

Dr. Judy, two years ago when I started blogging I felt the same way. It was like being in a foreign country with a new language, but it will get easier with time. I'm still amazed at what I have learned to do with my blogs....and btw I have found that a nice glass of Merlot or Shiraz helps immensely!

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