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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Where Are the Campaign Signs?

I went and voted this morning….there’s my wonderful “I Voted” sticker to prove it. I’m wearing it as my badge of honor today and hopefully to remind those that aren’t normally involved in the democratic process to take part.

My daughter’s high school is used as a polling place. Usually the road leading up to it and the public park where I vote is littered with hundreds of campaign signs for every candidate. I even thought about it yesterday thinking campaign organizers in this area must be very busy out putting all the extra signs close to polling locations.

Today…..hardly a sign. Only two candidates had signs out in force. I saw many Ron Paul signs and several Mike Huckabee signs. There wasn’t a Democrat sign in the bunch and McCain and Romney were very absent.

Very strange.

Also it seems Neil Boortz and I have something in common. As I left my polling place he was discussing his website where he has had a poll up regarding the various candidates. His webwench, as he refers to his webmaster, had left off Ron Paul. This has resulted in hundreds of emails of complaint from the legion of supporters for Dr. Paul.

Yesterday over at History Is Elementary I posted a very simple lesson plan I had used to provide an opportunity for students to hone their comparing and contrasting skills. It was an innocent enough plan, or so I thought. I included various videos from the viable candidates that are left.

I left out Ron Paul. Oops!

Heavy sigh……..


Deborah Wilson said...


I think that many have considered Dr. Ron Paul to be a 'filer' and therefore have neglected to give him serious consideration - this is os evident by Fox News media and many political pundits.

I don't see where this has been very fair to Dr. Paul. I believe that in a democratic election process as we have in U.S., every candidate should get fair and complete coverage. After all, it is the people's vote who will eventually decide.

I think news media and political pundits should tone it down - the public is getting upset that $ for media ads and seemingly biased party picks are now ruling the public coverage.

I feel that yesterday, Georgia citizens stood up to news media persuasion - although I feel Dr. Paul could have done better had he been fairly covered. Over all, Georgia had a good primary.

Daryl said...

A friend who voted in a Chicago suburb (DuPage County)said there were no Democrats represented in the signs around her polling place and she planned on calling the Board of Elections .. and the DuPage Democratic organization

Melissa said...

I live in a state were we don't have many votes to give to the canidates. So we don't get people out here and people don't put signs out either cause of that :)

Anonymous said...

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