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Monday, July 14, 2008

Mirth For Monday

I may be his momma, but I’m not eactly exaggerating when I say my son has a little talent. His talents include a fantastic singing voice, self-taught guitar skills, and an ability to immerse himself in various musical roles he undertook in high school.

It was no surprise when Dear Son called me over the weekend and directed me to the YouTube video I’m featuring below asking, “Hey Mama, ya wanna see me in a starring role?”

Well, of course I did, and I hurried right over to the link he provided. So, I present here my son in the starring role of Jeff Goes to College, a short promotional video for this year’s orientation at Truett McConnell College. Yes, that's the place....the place we pay thousands of dollars to each year. :)

Yep, that’s my boy……the one in the bear suit. When he’s not a YouTube star my son is busy pursuing a history degree….at least that’s his story for this week.

Enjoy your Monday!


Anonymous said...

Very interesting!!! I'm taking a class and just learning to blog... (I linked through your educational page.) My twin girls are just starting college in the fall, one will be majoring in history. I hope she is as happy as your son is.
Thank you for sharing!!

Bombchell said...

interesting, couldn't figure out if the bear was just a bear or a symbol.

eitherways what Im more shocked at is the Huge list of GA bloggers on the right. OMG how did you find them!!!!

EHT said...

Hi Anonymous! Thanks for visiting and happy blogging.

Bombchell, the bear is the mascot for the college...I guess I should have made that more clear.

Yes, the list of Ga. bloggers gets long every week. Many come to me now and request an "add" and sometimes I just stumble on them in a blog search. Either way it is a labor of love, and I think it's important to have a Georgia "hub". We are one of the few states in the blogging community that does this on such a grand scale.

Bombchell said...

lol oh it's the mascot. lol so that would have been pretty funny if i had known, ours was an eagle like many lol.

about the blogroll that's pretty cool. is there some process for me to get on the blogroll too. thanks.

EHT said...

I left a comment over at your spot....not sure if it went through. I usually add blogs on Monday and will make sure your blog in the mix. Thanks for the request.

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