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Monday, July 21, 2008

New Georgia Blogs!

If you are a Georgia blogger and would like for me to link to you please drop me an email at .

Here are this week’s new additions and don’t forget to enjoy the latest Georgia Carnival here.

Moon Dreams & Day Beams – Christy Griner presents a lovely window to the whimsey old world of her favorite little fancies and obsessions. Her Banana Cream Desert predicts resounding yumminess.

First Baptist Church, Lithia Springs...A History – This blog is presented by the Historical Committee of the First Baptist Church, Lithia Springs. The project was implemented to share the rich history of the church with church members, the Lithia Springs community, and the world at large. Okay, I admit it….I’m a little prejudiced here because I’m on the committee, and I’m the blog’s webmaster. :) – This is the official athletic site of the Georgia Bulldogs. While it isn’t exactly a blog there is nothing like Bulldog news coming from the Bulldog’s mouth!

Southern Byways – written by Apryl Chapman Thomas, this blog covers the Interstates and backroads throughout Texas to D.C. Apryl has just announced new features for the site coming in August including “Doin the Town” and “Going Green in the South”. More new features can be found in Apryl’s post here. There are several articles regarding Georgia.

The Ubiquitous Librarian – Brian Mathews is the User Experience Librarian at Georgia Tech. Back in May, Brian reviewed a book by Emory professor, Mark Bauerlein, titled The Dumbest Generation. This comment of Brian’s really spoke to me about the business of libraries….” Personally, I don’t see the library as being in the information business. In fact, I don’t see us in the service business anymore either. We’re in the inspiration business, and everything that we do should drive their success.” Oh, I SO agree!


Lori Thornton said...

I love your church history blog!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link-love! We are going to France next month. I will have Georgia on My Mind the whole time!

Anonymous said...

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