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Monday, August 11, 2008

Here's a Few for You...

If you are a Georgia blogger and would like for me to link to you please drop me an email at .

Here are this week’s new additions, and don’t forget to send in your submission to the next Georgia Carnival that will post here on August 15th. You can enjoy the last Georgia Carnival here.

Cathy's Grace Notes – Cathy wrote me and asked, “Could I be the southern most Georgia blogger!???” Well, the weather map at her spot indicates she’s in Bainbridge or close to it. I’d say that is pretty dead-up in the southern part of the state. Unfortunately, I don’t have the information I need about everyone on the blogroll, so I can’t say if Cathy’s site is the southern most blog on the list, but for now….we’ll give her the title. Cathy seems to have been blogging for about as long as I have…..she writes about all things Southern including religion. Recently she wrote about the five God days of summer.

Georgia Back Roads – Bill Mauldin is a candidate running for State House District 126, and he’s got a blog! Check out Bill’s brand new site where he’s already addressing education funding and Georgia's budget blues.

The Georgia Personal Injury Report – is a site that relates information regarding issues effecting personal injury victims in the Atlanta area. A recent article advised Georgia is ranked the fifth worst state for knowledgeable drivers. I believe it!

Stumptown, Ga. – Not sure where this is? I know. I grew near there in South Fulton. Stumptown is Forest Park, Georgia and the name stems from the fact that so many trees were cleared for the supply station along the railroad line (the same railroad that ran in front of my house in Red Oak) that the workers called the location “Stump Town”. Hannah, the blog author states, “I started this blog as a place to stash my observations when I moved back to Atlanta after spending a few years away in college and Brooklyn." I’m just glad to see some images of places I recognize like the old East Point swimming pool.

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