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Monday, August 4, 2008

More Georgia Blogs!

If you are a Georgia blogger and would like for me to link to you please drop me an email at .

Here are this week’s new additions and don’t forget to enjoy the latest Georgia Carnival that posted Friday. You can reach it here.

LegalEagle Judgments – from the site……”Over the past four years, "Legaleagle" has contributed to more than 100 topics in "SavannahNow," Atlanta Journal & Constitution, New York Times, etc. More often than not, these opinions are read and approved by hundreds, based upon their emails, posts and comments. I strive to be accurate. I take sides after I have obtained knowledge of facts, details and accounts. Please do me the great honor of reading and responding; together we can make the United States of America a better place!” A recent post included We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For….a bit of a background regarding Obama’s speech containing the words “We are the ones…”

Foodshed Plant – the tagline states nurturing sustainability, close to home and around the world (And other food for thought). Recently Patti observed, “The light is changing yet again and the sun streams in just so right after dinner, a little differently than even just a week ago. And like the swallows return to Capistrano, I have returned once again to soap-making, so in love am I with standing there at the stove in that fading, golden light, and stirring mindlessly, a book cracked open in my other hand, as the distant sound of children's laughter punctuates the air” in her post How Time Passes How Light Changes

Sustainable Dunwoody – This blog, also by Patti, is all about building a more beautiful city. In one post she advises Dunwoody Greenspace is one-third of what it should be.

Bombchell - In Atlanta – Bombchell lives in Atlanta. She’s a college grad and is currently spending her time not working, partying, watching movies and hanging out. Oh, to be in my 20s again…..She just got back from Dallas, Texas

Trailer Witch – Constance Cooper focuses on exploring rural Southern issues from a rural Southern perspective. Her site is dedicated to the “Trailer Witch”….strange little girls who grew up far from an interstate and, for reasons no one understands entirely, saw their bright little lives stagnate. A post that caught my eye included a video regarding an interview with a member of the DeWolfe family from Rhode Island. The interview revolves around a documentary concerning the family and their responsibility in bringing over 10,000 West Africans to the United States and Cuba in chains. Constance has an interesting take on the documentary.

Journey of Words – Eric writes about education and education technology. Hs post Fifth Grade State Standards Wordle Cloud appeared in the most recent edition of the Georgia Carnival.

Real Estate Investment Business Blog – Shane Wilson writes about investing in real estate and he also had a post featured in the last edition of the Georgia Carnival….Beginning Investors Guide To Making Money in 2008
Exurban Adventures – is a blog covering sports, music, concerts, events, and the Arts in Gwinnett County, Georgia brought to us by Buzz Brockway. Buzz’s post regarding Dave Ramsey was featured in the Georgia Carnival 41.

Lori Thornton’s blogs Mississippi History and Genealogy Notes and Smokey Mountain Family Historian have also been added to the “State and Place” blogroll.


Bombchell said...

aww thanks for the add. I sound so jobless, which is pretty true & accurate lol.

Cathy said...

Thank you so much for adding me - I'll try to visit the other blogs.

Anonymous said...

You should visit my shop if you're wanting to sack Saxby Chambliss this November!

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